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Workplace safety signs are a primary method of communicating health and safety risks and instructions to employees, visitors and all other personnel onsite. Safety signs are a requirement which employers should invest in to comply with strict health and safety regulations within their specific industry. The hazards of the environment differ from one workplace to the next, but mandatory signs such as the location of fire exits and first aid equipment should always be displayed clearly to provide personnel with the necessary information to keep them safe.

Workplace safety signs might be required to warn people not to advance past a certain point, to provide vital locational information or to act as a reminder to wear certain items of personal protective equipment such as safety glasses. Safety signs fall into a number of categories which you’ll see displayed prominently throughout public areas or work environments in the UK.
These include:

  • Red prohibition signs – these offer a clear instruction to personnel such as ‘Stop’ to warn them about a serious threat.
  • Yellow warning safety signs alert people of a potential hazard and remind them to check their behaviour.
  • Blue mandatory signs deliver firm instructions about how to act in the present environment, for example to wear a hard helmet.
  • Green signs such as first aid signs are informational and assist in providing location information for medical supplies. Fire escapes also use green signs to help people find the quickest path out of the building.

Your choice of safety signs, whether prohibition, warning or mandatory signs, along with informational first aid signs and fire escape signs should always comply with European and British Standard regulations. We offer a full range of safety signs which adhere to these strict standards. If you have any questions about our stock, then get in touch with our friendly customer service experts who will be happy to assist you with your order.

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