Does your workplace need defibrillators onsite? Having access to an Automated External Defibrillator in your working environment could mean the difference between life and death if a worker or visitor to your premises were to experience a cardiac arrest. The British Heart Foundation states that less than 1 in 10 people survive a heart attack if it is experienced outside of a hospital. In the event that someone has a cardiac event at your business workplace, BHF reveals that there are two factors most likely to improve the survival rate. These are including enough working defibrillators in the workplace, along with having staff members or personnel who are trained in CPR. 

Some businesses are significantly more likely to be a risk of someone experiencing a heart attack onsite than others. In dangerous industries where there is a threat to health, a person is more likely to go into cardiac arrest. Similarly, facilities such as gyms where people exert their bodies and put pressure on the heart are also associated with having a heightened need to use defibrillators. Businesses such as these may be considered negligent if they fail to take adequate safety precautions to equip their premises with defibrillators that could potentially save lives.  

Along with the important health and safety considerations that defibrillators offer, they also send out a positive message to your employees and all visiting customers that you’re a business who cares about their wellbeing. By setting an example, you can also make a positive difference to the community and other similar businesses in the industry, which will ultimately aim to safeguard more people who experience a cardiac arrest out of hospital. 

We stock a wide range of defibrillators along with essential accessories including replacement electrode pads and batteries. Call our friendly team of professionals to place an order or with any queries you may have about defibrillators. 

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