rigger boots 

Rigger boots are one of the most popular types of safety boots in the industry, not just used by riggers but also in other related construction roles. As a cross between a welly boot and a safety shoe, rigger boots are really handy to pull on and off which makes them a convenient and flexible option for workers as they go about their daily tasks. 

But quality rigger boots also offer incredible waterproof protection which is essential if you do any kind of job that puts your feet at risk from getting damp. Whether you’re working outside in rainy conditions for long periods of time, or wading through shallow water, rigger boots will make sure that the water stays out, and that the tissue of your feet is shielded from moisture. 

We stock a stylish range of rigger boots which have varying features. If you work in sub-zero conditions, then you’ll need a pair of freezer safety rigger boots which are insulated and fur-lined to protect you up to temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius. If you need a highly durable option for your rigger boots, then select a pair with a steel toecap which are scuff-proof to provide you with extra longevity. Many of our rigger boots are also heat and oil resistant which makes them ideal for work in construction roles. 

Safety in your job is paramount which is where rigger boots are a number one option as they have slip resistant soles and can also be removed quickly if you were to fall into deep water whilst working. 

Rigger boots are an essential piece of personal protective equipment to satisfy health and safety regulations across multiple industries. Check out our comprehensive range of rigger boots and other safety footwear which are offered at incredibly low costs regardless of the quantity ordered.

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