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Personal protective work gloves are essential when performing handling tasks within a wide range of industries. If you work in construction, operate machinery or work with any materials that require you to be shielded from heat, then you’ll need a quality park of safety gloves to allow you to perform your job without any risk of injury to your hands. As they’re the most used and exposed body part, your hands require added protection from cuts or burns as you go about your daily duties. We stock a variety of high standard work gloves and protective sleeves to ensure that your hands are guarded in a way that allows you to still perform your tasks effectively.

If you work outside then protecting your hands from the cold or wet weather is critical. We offer fleece-lined work gloves for added insulation and they’re waterproof too to keep your hands dry and warm even when you’re handling damp materials. When working with sharp tools or machinery, you’ll want the assurance of knowing that nothing can penetrate through to your skin, which is where our cut and puncture resistant safety gloves are the ideal choice. We stock pairs of Cut Level 5 protection which are ideal when working with materials such as glass. If you’re looking for multipurpose work gloves, then we offer designs with extra grip features and those to reduce hand fatigue. Welders can be defended from the hazards of their job by donning a pair of heat resistant work gloves with protection up to 315 degrees Celsius.

Whether you’re looking for safety gloves to protect you from cuts, burns, or cold weather, our extensive range will allow you to find the perfect pair to suit the requirements of your role. Protect your entire workforce with our affordable and industry-approved selection of work gloves today.

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