Due to the Coronavirus outbreak there is a high demand for FFP3 Masks. We currently have good stock of this FFP3 Face Mask | For other masks please contact us first before ordering.

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Face masks provide a physical barrier between a person’s respiratory system and any contaminants in the working environment. They form an important part of an employee’s personal protective gear for those operating in roles where health risks such as infection or respiratory illness have been identified. Face masks can protect against any airborne hazard including fumes which you may come across in industries such as construction, factory work, mechanics, pharmaceuticals or highway maintenance as well as medical professions who need to avoid the inhalation of bacteria. Dust masks have a similar design and are essential for those working in an environment where tiny airborne debris or other particles could be breathed into the lungs. 

Wearing face masks requires you to take some sensible precautions in order for them to be an effective safety measure. Your face masks and dust masks should only be used once and then be discarded. You should also never share your face masks with others so as to avoid the spread of infection. It is the responsibility of your employer to provide you with face masks as well as other essential personal protective kit to keep you safe as you carry out your daily tasks. 

FFP3 masks offer an advanced level of protection against dust and other fumes or infection. They’re currently in high demand due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus. Our FFP3 masks contain exhalation valves for lighter breathing resistance, as well as a flexible design and can be worn all day. 

PPE Supplies Direct has an extensive range of dust masks and face masks available and we can advise on the best type of mask to suit the specific hazards of your work environment. Feel free to browse our selection of face masks and if you have any queries about our stock of FFP3 masks or any other design, get in touch with our professional team today.

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