Respirators and face masks protect you against any airborne contaminants which are present in the workplace. Whether you need to protect your respiratory system from a virus, dust or other toxins which are present in the air, your face masks or dust masks provide an essential barrier between the air around you and your lungs. Face masks and respirators make up an essential part of your PPE kit, particularly if you work in an environment where an infection or chemical outbreak may have been identified. Depending on the type of face masks or dust masks you’re using, you can also benefit from being shielded from hazards such as vehicle fumes if you work in highway maintenance, or the inhalation or harmful bacteria within the medical industries. FFP3 masks provide the strongest level of protection in comparison to other face masks on the market which may only meet the FFP1 or FFP2 levels. If you need to purchase respirators to protect you from the Corona virus, then FFP3 masks are the highest level of face masks available in the market.

Whatever the purpose of your safety dust masks or face masks, you should respect that they’re single use devices and need to be discarded after wearing once. They shouldn’t be shared with others, including colleagues, friends or family members either as this can represent a serious infection risk. Whilst it is the responsibility of your employer to provide you with your FFP3 masks or other face masks, it is up to you to respect the health and safety guidelines of your environment by wearing them as requested.

PPE Supplies Direct has an extensive range of face masks, dust masks and FFP3 masks with good stock levels. If you have any queries about our products, or wish to place an order, then our customer service team will be happy to help with your query. Get in touch today!

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