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PPE Supplies Direct stocks a comprehensive range of PPE accessories which cover a variety of hazardous workplaces and settings. When putting together a comprehensive list of personal protective equipment to defend your employees from the hazards of their working environment, you’ll usually be focused on their immediate uniform. Equipping them from head to foot with clothing and footwear such as helmets, safety boots and high visibility jackets is crucial in keeping your workforce safe as they complete their daily tasks. But your health and safety responsibilities don’t end with the supply of PPE uniform. You’ll also need to provide them with a selection of PPE accessories to enhance their safety and wellbeing further.

If you work in an environment where toxins may be present, then PPE accessories such as chemical socks, pads and rolls provide an important way to clean up contaminants in a rapid and controlled manner. Hand sanitiser and hand wipes are also important to prevent any bacteria from being spread. When working in low lights, you may find it useful to have an LED rubber torch or power pocket torch in your possession to illuminate your workspace. High visibility accessories including flashing armbands or illuminated shoe clips are also vital PPE accessories which will ensure your visibility and safety as you carry out your daily tasks. Fall protection is also covered as part of our range of PPE accessories where we provide lanyards, carabiners and quick connect clips to ensure your personal safety when working at heights.

These are just a few examples of PPE accessories from the vast range stocked by PPE Supplies Direct. If you have any questions about our collection or wish to place an order, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team who will happy to look into your query.

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