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Quality fall protection kit is essential for safeguarding against the potential of death in dangerous jobs. 28% of all deaths in the workplace are caused by falling, with 60% of these occurring when working with equipment such as scaffolding, ladders, roofing and unstable platforms. To prevent a fall, your workers must be equipped with multiple types of fall protection gear including lanyards, rope grabs, fall limiters, descent kits or a roofing kit.

The specific type of fall protection equipment you need should be determined as part of a detailed assessment conducted by your employer. The main aim of your gear is to break your fall and keep you physically out of harm in the event that you were to trip or slip and fall from a height. Fall limiters will prevent you from descending too far, and the rope grabs function in a similar manner. When a worker falls, the rope grabs lock and prevent you from descending further, whilst the attachment rings allows the connection of lanyards where necessary.

Descent kits take a proactive approach to fall protection by providing you with the means to make a safe vertical climb. Our 15m Vertical Descent kits include a 2-point harness, carabiner, 12mm detachable rope grab, 15m Kernmantle static rope and a nylon drawstring bag. Along with our other fall protection gear, it is CE certified to prove that it meets strict European standards. We also offer a Portwest 10m Roofing kit with similar equipment including a 10m Kernmantle static rope.

If you have any queries about the type of fall protection we offer, or that is recommended for your specific industry, our PPE Supplies Direct team are available to assist with your enquiries. Get in touch today to place an order!

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