Visors, Browguards

If you work with machinery as part of your job, it may be necessary for you to wear various types of eye protective gear to safeguard your eyes and vision from the risks of your role. Depending on the machinery you work with, you might commonly be in the vicinity of heat and electricity, high volumes of dust or the threat of flying debris. All of these factors can pose a substantial risk to your eyesight, either by working in this type of environment for a prolonged duration, or else because of the possibility of a one-off injury to your eyes.

Visors and browguards will make up an essential part of your personal protective equipment if you operate machinery in a factory environment, or as a welder for example. The guards that you wear should provide adequate protection from the hazards of your surrounds, but it’s also crucial that they allow the wearer to experience maximum visibility and mobility so that they’re not hindered by the kit. The visors we stock are clear, with replacement visors available in the case of wear and tear. They should encompass the entire eye area so that no debris is able to connect with the eye area through the sides of the visors or browguards. Your employer should always invest in quality eye protection which bears the CE certification to signify that the products meet European standards.

PPE Supplies stocks a comprehensive range of CE certified visors and browguards which are perfect for those who use metal cutting, grinding or forestry equipment. If you have any questions about our eye protection product range or wish to place a bulk order, then please get in touch with our knowledgeable PPE customer service team who will be happy to assist with your enquiry. Contact us today for further information!

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