PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment is the number one way to keep your employees safe on the job. Wearing PPE gear shields you from every type of hazard you might encounter at work, whether you’re working indoors with machinery, outside, at night, or in dim light. The high visibility features of PPE equipment ensures that you can be seen easily as you conduct your daily tasks. Personal protective equipment is essential for those in the construction industry, as well as road workers, first aiders, fire officers and those who work in a busy warehouse. 

The PPE gear we offer can provide your workers with an entire uniform from head to foot, or else just the necessary items of personal protective equipment that would enhance the safety of their jobs. Our range of PPE kit can offer head protection in the form of helmets and hard hats, eye protection by wearing safety goggles and visors, hand protection with thick gloves and feet protection by investing in quality safety boots. 

Your workers can also be kept safe from the various weather conditions that may put them at risk on the job. Our PPE high-visibility range encompasses everything from simple vests to fleeces and thermal jackets which will keep you safe and warm in winter weather. PPE equipment offers some other surprising benefits too. 

When you purchase personal protective equipment for your staff, you’ll be providing them with an extra level of reassurance that they’re safe at work, which can boost their productivity rates. PPE kit is also a fantastic marketing opportunity for your firm, as our personal protective equipment can be branded with your company name and logo. We offer low cost PPE equipment options regardless of the size of the order you place with us, but when it’s this affordable to safeguard the wellbeing of your entire workforce, why wouldn’t you kit them all out with quality PPE gear? 

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