Knee pads are used in many work environments. Especially where employees work at low levels or suffer with joint pain. Gel knee pads are designed to protect joints and are comfortable to wear. Further features include adjustable straps and anti-slip textures. We provide the best equipment for your maximum comfort and protection whilst you work.

Knee Pads

Knee pads provide essential protection to your joints and knee caps if you exert pressure on them as you go about your daily work. If you spend time kneeling during your job, as plenty of tradesmen do in professions such as plumbing, carpeting or construction, then you’re more likely to develop chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis due to the long-term stress caused to your knees. Pain, swelling and even abnormal bone growth can all be common side effects of knee problems which may even force you to give up work early if you don’t take adequate precautions to ease your symptoms. Knee pads can all but eradicate these risks by taking the pressure off your joints, allowing you to carry on with your tasks whilst kneeling, but without the threat of long-term damage or pain. Knee pads can either be like a mat that you rest your knees on, or else you can opt for knee pads which fit inside your specialised PPE trousers, providing you with an extra grip as you work, so there’s no concerns about slipping. Silicone gel-filled knee pads are an excellent choice as they provide a vital cushion for your joints, as well as maximum comfort as you wear them. You’ll also appreciate the ergonomic strap detail which prevents your skin from being pinched as you wear them.

PPE Supplies Direct stocks a fantastic range of knee pads to suit every type of role or working environment. Whether you need waterproof knee pads or those that are resistant to heat, we have the perfect selection for you. Feel free to browse our range and get in touch with our customer service team if you have any queries about our stock or wish to place a bulk order to receive a discount. Contact us today for more info!

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