Hi Vis Vests 

Wearing hi vis vests is the easiest and most affordable way to provide your workers with an additional level of protection when carrying out their daily jobs. The inbuilt reflective tape feature of hi vis vests enables your team to be highly visible when working in a dangerous work environment such as construction, highway maintenance or electrical professions. In low light, the retro reflective tape will emit the light it has absorbed to provide a glow to the appearance of the vest. In much darker conditions, the tape will reflect the light back to its source completely. So if your hi vis vests are worn by roadside workers, they will offer essential protection by lighting up when the beam of a car’s headlight shines on them. 

We stock a comprehensive range of hi vis vests that are fully equipped with hooks and velcro fastenings, to allow for ease of wear. If you’re looking for a slightly heavier design, we offer a variety of executive hi vis vests which are similar to waistcoats and are a great alternative to wearing a full jacket if the weather and conditions allow.  

The fabric of our hi vis vests is breathable which provides maximum comfort for the wearer. However, they are also rainproof to ensure that your workers are able to carry out their duties if a downpour occurs. Other designs are reversible with a bodywarmer layer for added thermal insulation in colder weather. 

As a marketing strategy, our hi vis vests can be customised with your company name and logo. We have multiple branding options available including DTG, solvent print, vinyl and embroidery depending on the complexity of design you wish to use. 

Our mesh hi vis vests start from just £1.26 per item, so this is an incredibly affordable way to protect the safety of your workers. Get in touch with our friendly team to place your order today!

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