hi vis hoodies

Hi vis hoodies should form an important part of your personal protective wardrobe. As a comfortable item of clothing for your workers, our hi vis hoodies are both lightweight and warm. They can also be paired with other hi vis kit such as trousers, jackets and hats to offer an entire personal protective safety kit. Our hi vis hoodies include fluorescent strips on the body, sleeves and shoulder areas. These absorb and emit UV rays to allow your employees to glow when working in dimly lit conditions. To protect your workforce, they should be clearly visible by drivers, members of the public and others within your crew when performing their roles. When they’re working in the night, our hi vis hoodies use the incoming light from torches, streetlights or the beam of an approaching car to bounce back reflective light and warn them that there is an upcoming hazard. Our bright orange or yellow hi vis hoodies conform to strict EN ISO 20471: class 3 colour regulations which will ensure that your workers are given maximum visibility to keep them safe in their jobs. 

Our hi vis hoodies are also a great branding opportunity for your company. When your workers are wearing them to perform their jobs, you can promote and enhance your business reputation by printing or embroidering your company name and logo on your hi vis hoodies. This clever branding trick is a fantastic way to spread awareness of your organisation and also gives your workers a sense of pride and belonging when carrying out their daily work. 

We stock a comprehensive range of customisable hi vis hoodies to order either as a single garment, or to form part of your overall PPE kit. Get in touch with our friendly team today to place an order or with any queries.

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