Hi vis jackets 

Hi vis jackets should always form the outermost layer of a PPE wardrobe for jobs to be performed outside in winter weather conditions. Hi vis jackets will keep you shielded from the impact of strong winds and rain, whilst ensuring that you’re highly visible as you perform your daily tasks. If you work in construction, the industrial sector or any role which requires you to be visible near traffic or whilst operating machinery, then it’s important that everyone can see you from a distance. Wearing hi vis jackets ensures that the fluorescent strips on the garment glow in low light conditions, whilst reflecting any beams of light in much darker conditions. By being visible from a distance, hi vis jackets give people a clear warning and more chance to react to your presence which makes them an important part of your personal protective equipment. Our hi vis jackets don’t just offer reflective protection though, they’re also waterproof to prevent rainwater from permeating through to the sublayers of your PPE kit. The advanced insulation and flame-resistant features of our hi vis jackets also mean that you’re shielded from multiple other risks whilst carrying out your work. 

If you’d like to customise your hi vis jackets with your own company name and logo, this can easily be achieved with a range of DTG, solvent print, embroidery and vinyl options depending on the colour palette and complexity of design you’re interested in. Branding your hi vis jackets is a fantastic way to spread the word and positive reputation of your company and gives your workers a sense of pride when they wear them.

If you have any queries about our extensive range of hi vis jackets or wish to place an order, then get in touch with our friendly customer service team today. 

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