Womens Safety Boots, Womens Safety Shoes, Womens Safety Trainers

The distinct differences between male and female feet mean that your female employees will need specialised safety footwear to be protected in your working environment. Footwear options including womens safety boots, womens safety shoes and womens safety trainers ensure that your female employees have access to a comprehensive range of personal protective equipment that offers the best defence against the hazards of their job. By providing a close and comfortable fit, womens safety boots ensure that the wearer is able to carry out their daily tasks without any risk to their personal health or wellbeing.

Research shows that male and female feet are not just different sizes, they have a radically different structure too. Womens safety shoes and womens safety trainers are designed to accommodate a wider forefoot, slimmer and shorter toes and a shorter arch length than men’s safety footwear is designed for. Womens safety boots are also designed to fit the female ankle which is known to be wider than the male ankle. It is these differences which highlight why female employees shouldn’t try to wear typical male safety footwear in a smaller size for example. The womens safety shoes, trainers and boots which are available as part of our extensive collection at PPE Supplies Direct, provide your female workers with modern footwear technologies including water repellent, shock absorption and impact resistance features. We even provide womens safety shoes from the Vixen range, which boasts a slight heel so you have access to a stylish footwear option as you go about your daily work.

Our womens safety boots, shoes and trainers are fully compliant with strict industry regulations. Are you ready to invest in the health and safety of your female workers? Browse through our collection of womens safety trainers and other footwear options today.

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