Vegan Footwear

As companies become more eco-conscious in a bid to exercise greater corporate social responsibility as well as attracting the best millennial candidates, vegan footwear is now on offer to form part of your personal protective wardrobe. Made from entirely manmade, synthetic materials, vegan footwear will appeal to any of your employees who are already dedicated to a plant-based lifestyle. However, investing in vegan footwear for your entire workforce also puts out a strong eco message about the values of your organisation which you can proudly share with both your employees as well as your customers.

PPE Supplies Direct stocks vegan footwear including safety shoes, boots, trainers and Wellingtons to keep your workers protected in any environment or situation in the workplace. It’s also important to note that our vegan footwear is suitable for vegetarian workers too. The vegan footwear range uses specialist durability materials including chemical resistant outersole and upper materials too. These breathable fabrics also ensure that your choice of vegan footwear is lightweight to provide maximum comfort throughout the working day. However, it also offers a strong defence against the hazards of a working environment which may contain toxins or chemicals. If you work with electronics or live circuits, then our TeslaDri safety boot is a type of vegan footwear which has inbuilt ESD protection to ensure that electrical currents are safety diverted into the ground so as not to cause harm to the wearer.

If you’re ready to offer PPE safety shoes and boots for your plant-based workers, then our vegan footwear range provides cost-effective protection from as little as £45.22 per pair of safety boots. You’ll experience a discount when you place bulk orders. If you have any questions at all about our vegan footwear range, then get in touch with our customer service team today for further information.

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