SRC Slip Rated Boots

Slips in the workplace put you at serious risk of injury or even death, so mitigating against the possibility of a slip is essential. SRC slip rated boots are the number one way to protect you from falling in a hazardous work environment, whether indoors or outdoors. SRC slip rated boots have undergone extensive SRC testing to determine how effective the slip resistance of the safety footwear is. SRC slip rated boots are examined to see how they react in two separate environments – firstly on ceramic tiles which are covered in a diluted soap solution, and secondly on smooth steel which is covered in glycerol. If the safety footwear passes both of these tests with flying colours, then they’re deemed to be SRC slip rated boots or shoes, which is a major selling point for employers who need to protect their employees from accidents in the workplace. The design of SRC slip rated boots usually incorporates certain features to offer the best level of slip resistance. These are a low heel height, flexible flat sole, quality friction materials and an effective tread pattern. SRC testing is carried out using a specialised machine which inspects how various types of footwear react to these testing conditions which will be carried out in both wet and dry environments.

PPE Supplies Direct stocks a wide range of SRC slip rated boots which are perfect if you need to work outside in wet or icy conditions, as well as if your role takes you inside to areas which might have chemical spills, patches of oil or any other irregular surface area which can pose a threat to your safety.

If you have any queries about our collection of SRC slip rated boots including stock availability or bulk order discounts, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our helpful customer service team today!

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