Non Metallic Boots

Non metallic boots are fast becoming the footwear of choice in many construction or manual labourer jobs due to the versatility of these shoes. Whilst steel toe-capped boots have their benefits and have been popular in these industries for a long time, non metallic boots offer certain advantages to workers who wish to remain comfortable and compliant as they work. Non metallic boots use a robust composite material to ensure that your feet remain protected and safe on the job. However, the breathable membranes of composite fabric allow plenty of ventilation to your feet which is important in hot working conditions or during the summer season. They’re also a lighter alternative to metal boots, ensuring that workers have more freedom and flexibility as they work. In this way, non metallic boots or shoes are important in reducing the fatigue levels associated with workers who are on their feet all day.

Non metallic boots don’t need to be removed to go through security scanners if this is a requirement of your working environment. The composite material will not trigger an alert on a metal detector meaning that security does not need to be compromised by you removing your footwear to pass through the security inspection.

PPE Supplies Direct offers a vast range of non metallic boots which includes footwear with ESD and electrical hazard safety features. If you come into physical contact with an electrical current whilst wearing your non metallic boots, the charge will be directed into the ground in a safe and controlled manner to ensure your personal safety.

If you’re ready to start protecting your workers and meeting strict industry-specific compliance standards, then add non metallic boots to your PPE kit by placing an order today. We offer generous discounts on bulk orders as well as FREE delivery on orders over £99.

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