Large Sizes Safety Boots

If you have large feet, then you’ll understand the difficulties in finding the right type of footwear to allow you to perform your job safely. Squeezing into smaller footwear should never be an option – this will cause long-term damage to the delicate bones and tendons in your feet, whilst also being extremely uncomfortable when you’re on your feet all day. If you work in an industry such as construction, rigging or highway maintenance where health and safety is absolutely essential, then you’ll need to find a quality supplier of large sizes safety boots to ensure that all workers with larger feet are fully accommodated to allow you to meet strict regulations.

Large sizes safety boots are available up to UK size 16 where other brands typically stop at around sizes 12 to 13. Instead of just offering one type of safety footwear in these sizes, PPE Supplies Direct offers a vast range of large sizes safety boots and shoes depending on the conditions of your specific working environment and your day-to-day role within it. Our large sizes safety boots include waterproof and thermal insulation features if your job takes you outdoors. These prevent water or cold air from leaking into your footwear and causing frostbite or other damaging conditions from affecting you as you work. When you need something more lightweight, our safety trainers are water repellent but come with an anti-fatigue comfort footbed which will lighten the load if you spend the entire day on your feet. Our large sizes safety boots and shoes include clever moisture-wicking technology to remove any build-up of sweat, at source, to ensure maximum comfort as you work.

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