Heat Resistant Boots

If you work in extreme temperatures, you’ll need safety footwear that can handle the pressures of your environment. In the case of hot temperatures, heat resistant boots will make up an essential part of your PPE kit, allowing you to carry out your daily tasks whilst knowing that you’re fully protected from the hazards of your surroundings. Heat resistant boots will defend you from sparks if you work as a welder and will also allow you to enter incredibly hot buildings if you work in the fire service. Our range of heat resistant boots and safety footwear also includes features such as oil resistant outersoles to ensure that other dangerous toxins and chemicals are not able to melt or penetrate through the material of your footwear to reach the delicate skin beneath.

Heat resistant boots such as the Portwest Foyle Safety boot offers a heat resistant outersole of up to 300C which will provide you with maximum peace of mind that your feet are truly shielded from the threat of burns. It is the responsibility of the employer to equip their workforce with the necessary personal protective equipment, including quality heat resistant boots as essential safety footwear. However, the onus is also on the employee to wear the prescribed heat resistant boots as dictated by your specific health and safety guidelines. Our heat resistant boots offer comfort as well as protection and a whole host of other features including moisture-wicking technology, waterproof capabilities and shock-absorption too. Your employees will be very happy to wear this type of footwear in their everyday work.

PPE Supplies Direct stocks a comprehensive range of heat resistant boots. If you have any questions about our collection or wish to place a bulk order to qualify for a discount, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team today.

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