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Waterproof safety boots are an essential piece of personal protective equipment for anyone working in cold, wet conditions either outdoors or indoors. Looking after your feet should be a primary goal and may even be a health and safety requirement in your industry. Our selection of waterproof work boots is ideal to wear in all types of roles, whether you work in construction, the farming industry or even events management where you might attend festivals. 

If water reaches the feet over a prolonged period of time, you could be at risk of developing conditions such as blisters, frostbite or even trench foot. A quality pair of waterproof safety boots will protect your feet from symptoms such as inflammation or even nerve damage associated with these health problems. We offer a wide range of waterproof safety boots, which will repel water as well as oil so that your feet will stay entirely dry as you work. Any water that comes over the top of your boot will be removed away with internal wicking material. Our waterproof safety boots also include breathable mesh material so that you remain comfortable at all times. 

But when you wear waterproof work boots on the job, water won’t be the only hazard you need to avoid. As a key part of your PPE kit, your boots may also need to protect you from the dangers of dropping something on your foot, coming into contact with heat, or even standing on a nail. Many of our waterproof safety boots are built with steel protection both on the toecap and midsole to offer a robust guard against these risks. 

Employers who need to comply with health and safety regulations by providing waterproof work boots can take advantage of our extensive range of PPE footwear offered at incredibly affordable prices. 

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