Ear protection is essential in loud work environment. Our high quality ear defenders protect you against sound damage. We offer a great range of products to choose from at surprisingly low prices. Top brands such as JSP and Portwest are available. Some of our ear defenders can protect your hearing up to 112-117dB. For example, Sonis®3 Ear Defenders With Over Moulded Headband from JSP. However, if you require less noise reduction, we offer many types of ear plugs. Foam ear plugs are ideal as they are comfortable and mould to the shape of your ear. The PU Foam Soundstopper™ Ear Plug is a great example. Our hearing protection equipment ranges from general industrial use to the more specialised high noise protection. There are suitable for airports, quarrying or heavy industry. Therefore, choose the right product for you to ensure the maximum protection and comfort. Read more about the JSP Ear Protection Equipment standards.

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