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First aid kits should be made available for all employees and correspond to the hazards that may be present in your specific work environment. Having first aid supplies on site and making them easily accessible for members of staff is an important strategy to enable co-workers to react quickly to any injury, illness or emergency that takes place onsite during the working day.

To meet health and safety guidelines, your first aid box should contain first aid supplies that you could reasonably expect to require in the event of an incident. Low-risk environments such as corporate offices will need first aid kits with more basic items in them than more hazardous workplaces such as construction sites or factories. When putting together your first aid supplies, think carefully about the following categories of incident and the items you might need for each.

  • Minor injuries – assortment of plasters, antiseptic wipes
  • Major injuries – bandages, scissors, gauze, tape
  • Eye care – eyewash dispenser station or solution
  • Burns – burn dressing and acid attack kit

Remember to check the items within your first aid supplies on a regular basis to ensure that they’re in date. Having expired products within your first aid box is a health and safety risk in itself, as you won’t be able to effectively offer treatment in the event of an injury. Employers should also provide adequate health and safety training and display medical care posters for guidance.

PPE Supplies Direct stocks a comprehensive range of first aid kits including first aid stations and smaller medical supply kits based on the number of people who may need access to care. If you’re not sure what you need, then our quality first aid box products are pre-made with the perfect selection of medical supplies inside. Get in touch with our friendly customer service team to place an order or with any questions.

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