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If you work in a role or industry where your eyesight may be at risk due to the environment you’re working in, then quality eye protection is an absolute necessity. Hazardous roles include if you work with various chemicals or toxins which can negatively affect your long-term vision. Alternatively, if you work with machinery or in the vicinity of any equipment which may cause fine particles or other debris to become air-borne, then it’s essential that you wear eye protection to prevent any foreign materials from coming into contact with the delicate eye area. Without adequate eye protection, your sight could deteriorate over time, at a faster pace than it would otherwise, or else you could be at risk of losing your eye altogether if a serious accident were to occur.

Eye protection is available in the form of safety glasses, goggles, browguards or visors depending on the specific requirements of your role and whether you need to protect against impact, heat or flying debris. PPE Supplies Direct stocks a vast range of eye protection gear and it is the responsibility of your employer to provide you with the adequate safety equipment to carry out your tasks. They should routinely assess the level of threat to your eyesight and provide you with the necessary eye protection, however, it is also the responsibility of the employee to wear their eye protection gear. If you wear prescription glasses, then PPE Supplies Direct provides plenty of options to allow you to combine your eye protection with your prescription. All of our eye protection products are stamped with CE markings to prove that they’re compliant with European standards.

If you have any queries about our eye protection product range or wish to place an order, our customer service team are on hand to help. Get in touch today.