KN95 Face Masks

KN95 Masks

KN95 face masks offer potential protection from the Covid-19 virus which spreads quickly via the human respiratory system. Also take a look at the higher rated FFP3 masks or FFP2 masks that we have in stock.

A person without PPE could become infected from the virus by inhaling tiny airborne droplets, expelled from a person when talking, coughing or sneezing. They could also acquire the infection if they are in contact with contaminated objects or surfaces and then touch their nose, eyes or mouth. Handwashing and social distancing are important aids in providing protection against Covid-19, but the use of PPE equipment such as KN95 masks go far further by keeping 95% of small particles away from a person’s respiratory system. This makes these face masks critical in the fight against the coronavirus. 

Who Can Benefit From KN95 Masks? 

KN95 masks have been recommended by the World Health Organisation in the fight against Covid-19 and similar viruses including SARS or Avian flu. They can be worn by key workers who interact with patients, but may also benefit individual members of the public who want an extra level of protection in place when they visit the local supermarket or pharmacy to pick up supplies. 

Are KN95 Masks Disposable? 

KN95 masks are designed to be disposable, but due to the short supply of PPE equipment in healthcare and social care settings, many key workers are wondering if they’re able to reuse their masks to provide protection for longer. The current position outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is that a KN95 mask can be used if it “maintains its structural and functional integrity and the filter material is not physically damaged or soiled.” 

This opens up more possibilities for key workers to protect themselves, particularly when PPE equipment stock levels are low. If you need to reuse your mask, then remember to wash your hands as soon as you have put it back on and avoid touching your face too. You should not consider sharing your KN95 masks with colleagues or family members due to the risk of infection. 

Once your mask no longer covers the nose and mouth, has tears in it or doesn’t stay on the face properly, then it is time to dispose of your mask and replace with a new KN95 mask. You should also not consider reusing your mask if you have worn it in the vicinity of an aerosol generating procedure, nor if it has become contaminated with blood or other bodily fluids from a patient. To prevent this happening, you might consider combining your KN95 masks with wearing a face shield. 

Comparing KN95 Masks, N95 Masks and FFP2 Masks 

If you’re looking to invest in PPE KN95 masks, you might find some of the terminology confusing when you’re making your buying decisions. You may even have come across N95 masks or FFP2 face masks and wondered if there are any differences between these types of critical PPE equipment. Essentially, these are all different names for the same type of protection. Each has had to achieve the various standards of the country in which it was manufactured. N95 masks have achieved the US standards for respirator masks, whilst KN95 have met the necessary Chinese regulations. In Europe, we have the FFP2 masks which are CE certified. Other regions have their own standards including P2 in Australia, KMOEL in Korea and DS in Japan. 

Although each region may have a different way of labelling the personal protective equipment regulations that have been met, there are very few differences in the quality of mask manufacturing and the criteria that has been reached. 

The most important feature of KN95 masks, FFP2 face masks, or any of the alternatives is that they all filter out 95% of particles and have a high filtration efficiency. This characteristic is uniform across all of these respirator masks at this grade. 

Fit Testing Your KN95 Masks 

It is important that wearers fit test their KN95 masks before use. As these face masks rely on a tight fit to prevent the leakage of contaminated air seeping behind the device, it’s important that the wearer experiences a strong seal around the face. It has been advised that those with facial hair should consider shaving it off when using PPE equipment. Any sort of hair or stubble around the face can prevent a seal from forming, which then puts the wearer, colleagues and members of the public at risk. The NHS has described facial hair as an ‘emerging issue’ and urges employers to discuss the possibility of shaving with their employees, as well as liaising with local faith groups where appropriate to tackle this issue in a sensitive way. 

For those without facial hair, a competent fit tester who is approved by the British Safety Industry Federation can check the suitability of KN95 masks for wear across your team. Your mask will need to be tight-fitting to be effective, so if you are self-fitting whilst social distancing, then you can conduct a pre-use seal check as required. 

Combining KN95 Masks With Other Personal Protective Equipment

As with all types of PPE equipment, you may choose to wear your KN95 mask as a single item of defence. Alternatively, you can wear it with other pieces of personal protective equipment for a multi-layered way to safeguard your health and to reduce the transmission risk of Covid-19 or other airborne viruses. KN95 masks or FFP2 masks are often worn in combination with protective face shields. This is an effective PPE strategy favoured by healthcare workers, dental clinicians, social care providers and even members of the public who want to benefit from a robust barrier to any contaminated particles of air around them. As well as your FFP2 face masks, you can also benefit from PPE gowns and aprons as well as disposable nitrile gloves to keep every inch of you protected from harm. 

Good Stock of KN95 Masks 

Are you ready to kit your healthcare team or family members out in KN95 masks? We provide disposable KN95 Flat-Face respirator masks in packs of 50 which are priced at £198. We can provide a 24-hour dispatch on selected items, and are also able to supply in bulk whilst stocks last. If you have any queries about our Virus Protection range or wish to check our current stock levels, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team. Call our UK based sales team on 0808 109 6099 for assistance with bulk orders.