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Wellingtons & Waders

Safety Waist Wader S5

£24.64 (VAT exempt)

PVC Wellington 04

2 colours available
£10.57 (VAT exempt)

Total Safety Wellington S5

3 colours available
£13.16 (VAT exempt)

Safety Food Wellington S4

£13.37 (VAT exempt)

Safety Chest Wader S5

£30.55 (VAT exempt)

Rock Fall RF290 Silt Neoprene Safety Wellington

£90.97 (VAT exempt)

PU Non Safety Wellington O4 CI FO

£31.35 (VAT exempt)

Food-X® Plus Safety Wellington

£15.61 (VAT exempt)

PU Safety Wellington S5 CI FO

2 colours available
£34.92 (VAT exempt)

Portwest Mettamax Safety Wellington S5 M

£31.35 (VAT exempt)

Muddy Plus Wellington Boot

2 colours available
£15.76 (VAT exempt)

PU Non Safety Wellington O4 CI FO

£32.60 (VAT exempt)

Rock Fall RF210 Swill Powerjet Protection Safety Wellington

£86.01 (VAT exempt)

ProMan TC200 Washington Safety Wellington

£11.99 (VAT exempt)

Safety wellies are an important inclusion in your PPE kit if your employees need to work outdoors in wet conditions including heavy rain or floods. Safety wellies are a step up from traditional wellington boots as they provide advanced features to ensure that you meet industry-specific compliance regulations when deciding how best to protect the health and safety of your workforce.

Safety wellingtons often include extra midsole protection to prevent anything sharp from penetrating through the material of your boots and causing injury to the feet inside. Similarly, steel toe cap wellies are also equipped with that extra level of defence to ensure that the toe area of the feet is entirely guarded by a layer of metal to mitigate against the risks of the working environment. Waterproof protection is essential when you’re investing in safety wellies. If your workers need to spend prolonged periods of time in standing water, or even in wet grass, then you’ll need safety wellingtons that are entirely water resistant to prevent any moisture from seeping through to the skin. Without the protection offered by safety wellies, your feet could be at risk of developing unpleasant and harmful conditions such as trench foot or frostbite.

PPE Supplies Direct stocks a variety of safety wellies including steel toe cap wellies such as the Swill Powerjet Protection Safety Wellington which includes a protective layer rated at 800 bar. The Silt Neoprene Safety Wellingtons include an Activ-step comfort footbed which is an important way to reduce fatigue in workers who must stand for long durations. If you have any questions about our safety wellingtons or steel toe cap wellies, or wish to place a bulk order to qualify for a discount, then get in touch with our knowledgeable customer service team today.