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Welding Goggles

Gas Welding Goggle

£4.92 inc VAT
£4.10 ex VAT

Panoramic Shade 5 UV/IR Welding Goggle

£22.55 inc VAT
£18.79 ex VAT

Airfed Cobra™ Welding Grinding Visor Din 9-13

£340.41 inc VAT
£283.68 ex VAT

Jetstream® Dust Industrial Kit (PSL) With Multi Plug

£821.80 inc VAT
£684.83 ex VAT

Jetstream® Dust Constructor Kit (PSL) with Multi Plug

£670.84 inc VAT
£559.03 ex VAT

Jetstream® Dust Welder Kit (PSL) with Multi Plug

£897.37 inc VAT
£747.81 ex VAT

Airfed Cobra™ Grinding Visor

£123.28 inc VAT
£102.73 ex VAT

EVOLite® Safety Helmet with Cobra™ Welding Visor (DIN 9-13) - Wheel Ratchet - Vented

£264.94 inc VAT
£220.78 ex VAT

Cobra™ Welding Visor - DIN 9-13

£306.53 inc VAT
£255.44 ex VAT

BizWeld Plus Welding Helmet

£37.32 (VAT exempt)

Personal protective equipment is essential in any industry that uses welding. The welding process presents danger from heat, radiation and ricochet of particles so it is imperative that you are fully protected. The standard practice for protecting the face and eyes should include a helmet and protective goggles.

The helmet protects the face, forehead, neck and ears from radiation energy and weld splatter, as well as damage from arc rays. Without it, welders are at risk of serious injuries from the intense light, radiation and hot slag. Whilst the helmet does offer a lot of protection, it is not enough on its own. Even when the helmet is properly worn, there is still a chance that an eye injury could occur. This could be from grinding fragment or sparks coming underneath the hood, radiation damage from the light not blocked by the helmet or chemical irritation from fumes or liquid.

Our welding helmet is auto-darkening, allowing protection when switching from a light to dark state whilst welding. It has a wheel ratchet size adjustment for your comfort and is powered by solar cells to power two built in batteries. The welding goggles are for when using oxyacetylene for gas cutting or welding and offers a soft comfortable frame with flip up lenses so they can be used for grinding as well.

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