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Welders Gloves

Ultra Welding Gauntlet

£14.17 inc VAT
£11.81 ex VAT

Red Leather Welders Gauntlet

£4.00 inc VAT
£3.33 ex VAT

TIG Ultra Welding Gauntlet

£8.17 inc VAT
£6.81 ex VAT

Reinforced Welding Gauntlet

£6.33 inc VAT
£5.28 ex VAT

Premium Tig Welding Gauntlet

£6.59 inc VAT
£5.49 ex VAT

A500 Welders Gauntlet

£5.14 inc VAT
£4.28 ex VAT

Reinforced Winter Welding Gauntlet

£9.13 inc VAT
£7.61 ex VAT

Welders Gauntlet

£5.13 inc VAT
£4.28 ex VAT

Winter Welding Gauntlet

£8.17 inc VAT
£6.81 ex VAT

Super Tig Welder®

£6.10 inc VAT
£5.08 ex VAT

Tig Welder®

£5.05 inc VAT
£4.21 ex VAT

Standard Leather Gauntlet (Case of 60)

2 colours available
£219.80 inc VAT
£183.17 ex VAT

TekHide Premium Welder TH01 (Case of 60 Pairs)

£268.95 inc VAT
£224.13 ex VAT

Classic Welding Gauntlet

£4.92 inc VAT
£4.10 ex VAT

Welding gloves are an essential control measure required to satisfy health and safety regulations to protect anyone working as a welder. Due to the high temperatures involved when welding metal along with the hazardous materials used, a welder should always keep their hands guarded by wearing a quality pair of welding gloves. It is the responsibility of the employer to provide these welding gloves but the duty of the employee to ensure that they wear them on the job to stay fully protected.

Picking a quality pair of welding gloves begins with browsing through our extensive range which offers extremely low-cost options to protect the hands of your welding crew. Our gloves offer thermal protection suitable for any role where heat is involved. Our welding gloves also protect the wearer by providing molten splash resistance and full protection from any cuts, punctures or abrasions that may occur as part of the job. All of our welding gloves extend beyond the wrist, offering advanced levels of protection to the forearm which is essential in the prevention of burns. Our designs are highly durable to reduce the risk of wear and tear. However, as they’re made from soft textiles, they also offer excellent flexibility too so that welders are able to comfortably handle metals and other materials with ease and a firm grip.

Our personal protective gloves are CE certified to meet European regulations, so you can be assured that your welding gloves are entirely compliant with health and safety guidelines.

Starting from as little as £2.04 per pair, we offer a highly affordable way to protect your welders on the job. To place an order, get in touch with our friendly team of PPE professionals and we’ll be happy to answer any queries you may have about our welding gloves range.