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Face Safety Shield

£1.39 inc VAT
£1.16 ex VAT

Height Endurance Visor

2 colours available
£21.23 (VAT exempt)

Replacement Mesh Visor

£4.30 inc VAT
£3.58 ex VAT

Face Shield Plus

£12.29 inc VAT
£10.24 ex VAT

Replacement Clear Visor

£4.03 inc VAT
£3.36 ex VAT

Slim Browguard

£3.58 inc VAT
£2.98 ex VAT

Forestry Combi Kit

£27.17 inc VAT
£22.64 ex VAT

300 Micron APET Helmet Screen

£1.68 inc VAT
£1.40 ex VAT

300 Micron APET Open Top Shield (100)

£245.57 inc VAT
£204.64 ex VAT

Focus Spectacle

2 colours available
£6.26 inc VAT
£5.22 ex VAT

PPE Protection Kit

£19.07 inc VAT
£15.89 ex VAT

Arc Flash Visor Class 2

£130.52 inc VAT
£108.77 ex VAT

Arc Flash Visor Class 1

£48.72 inc VAT
£40.60 ex VAT

Replacement Shield Plus Visor

£5.28 inc VAT
£4.40 ex VAT

Endurance Visor Replacement

£1.95 inc VAT
£1.63 ex VAT

Browguard with Mesh Visor

£9.91 inc VAT
£8.26 ex VAT

Browguard with Clear Visor

£9.41 inc VAT
£7.84 ex VAT

While safety glasses and goggles are designed to keep your eyes and the area around safe, visors are an essential piece of personal protective equipment for many trades and industries. By allowing your full face to be protected, it is effective at stopping dirt, debris and other particles from hitting your face. It is especially important when working with chemicals and liquids as it stops splashes by providing a protective barrier for your whole face. When working in these industries, it is important that your skin, nose, eyes and mouth are all fully covered to prevent hazardous and harmful chemicals from coming in contact with skin.

There are various types of face shields that offer different or specific protection, depending on the environment you are working in.  We offer visors that are sold on their own, as well as combi kits with helmets and ear defenders already attached to offer full safety and protection. Protect your whole face with lightweight designs and comfortable, adjustable straps to make sure that you are fully covered, whatever job you are working. 

As well as industrial work wear, we also offer face shields and visors that are suitable for protection against potential contaminations from blood pathogens and bodily fluids for those working in medical environments.

If you have any questions or are looking for advice about our range of visors, or you wish to place an order with us, please get in touch with our friendly team today.