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Result Work-Guard Blizzard S1P Safety Boots

£16.81 (VAT exempt)

Steelite Lusum Safety Trainer S1P HRO

4 colours available
£25.52 (VAT exempt)

Rock Fall RF008 FaraDRI ESD Safety Trainer

£59.13 (VAT exempt)

ProMan PM4040 Bridgeport Safety Trainer

£28.11 (VAT exempt)

Rock Fall RF110 Luna ESD Boa Safety Trainer

£76.08 (VAT exempt)

Steelite Perforated Trainer S1P

2 colours available
£18.82 (VAT exempt)

Rock Fall VX700 Pearl Navy Womens Fit ESD Safety Trainer

£43.01 (VAT exempt)

Steelite Tove Trainer S1P

4 colours available
£31.35 (VAT exempt)

Aimont 24Bit Erik ESD S1P Safety Trainer

£69.27 (VAT exempt)

Rock Fall RF108 Fly Lightweight Safety Trainer

£45.48 (VAT exempt)

ProMan PM4010 Boston Lightweight Safety Trainer

£39.28 (VAT exempt)

Steelite Ladies Safety Trainer S1P HRO

2 colours available
£29.02 (VAT exempt)

Portwest Compositelite ESD Tees Trainer S1P

£40.74 (VAT exempt)

Rock Fall RF009 Mercury ESD Safety Trainer

£53.75 (VAT exempt)

Result Work-Guard Stealth S1P SRC Safety Boots

£21.75 (VAT exempt)

Result Work-Guard All Black SRA SB Safety Trainers

£37.58 (VAT exempt)

Portwest Compositelite Argen S3 Trainer

2 colours available
£32.01 (VAT exempt)

Steelite Mersey Trainer S1

£23.27 (VAT exempt)

Steelite Safety Trainer S1

£19.96 (VAT exempt)

Steelite Arx Safety Trainer S1P HRO

2 colours available
£26.61 (VAT exempt)

Steelite Loire Low Cut Trainer S1P HRO

£30.47 (VAT exempt)

Base Oren ESD Trainer

£47.82 (VAT exempt)

Base Be-Powerful Top Boot

£69.09 (VAT exempt)

Argon Safety Trainers

£56.68 inc VAT
£47.23 ex VAT

BLC30 Composite Safety Trainer

£35.95 (VAT exempt)

ProMan PM4050 Atlanta Safety Trainer

£39.28 (VAT exempt)

Rock Fall RF002 Zinc Conductive Safety Trainer

£95.10 (VAT exempt)

Rock Fall RF140 Volta Electrical Hazard Boa Safety Trainer

£69.48 (VAT exempt)

Warrior Lightweight Mesh S1P SRC Safety Trainers

£55.83 (VAT exempt)

Steelite Aire Trainer S1P

2 colours available
£23.69 (VAT exempt)


£40.13 inc VAT
£33.44 ex VAT

Portwest Compositelite Mersey Trainer S1P

£26.35 inc VAT
£21.96 ex VAT

Safety trainers are the perfect compromise between delivering maximum protection for your feet whilst enjoying a stylish and comfortable fit. When you’re on your feet all day in a semi-hazardous role such as being based on the floor of a warehouse, you’ll take comfort in knowing that your feet are entirely protected from any potential risks nearby.

Whether you’re working in the vicinity of heavy equipment or anything involving heat or welding, a quality pair of safety trainers will ensure that your feet are 100% protected from harm. For those that need to protect their feet from the dangers of being crushed or stepping on something sharp, our footwear come with steel toecap and midsole guards to provide maximum protection and peace of mind whilst you’re on the job.

Safety trainers are an essential part of your personal protective kit whether you work indoors or outdoors. As they’re lightweight in comparison to other types of protective footwear, you’ll find them flexible to wear and easy on the ankle too. Some of the priority features you’ll be looking for in a pair of safety trainers for work are that they should be oil and water repellent to defend your feet from the risk of moisture leaking through to the skin. Our safety trainers are designed to resist water permeation and are slip-proof too to ensure that you remain on your feet even when the ground beneath is unsafe.

We also provide electrical hazard safety trainers that can handle electrical risks up to 18V because of the inbuilt shock absorbing dual density outer sole.

Our selection of safety trainers is available for both men and women and are stocked in a huge size range from UK sizes 3 to 15. Prices are extremely affordable for this essential footwear investment and become even cheaper if you place a larger order to protect the feet of your entire workforce!