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Thermal Protection Gloves

Arctic Winter Glove

2 colours available
£4.33 inc VAT
£3.61 ex VAT

HI VIZ 10 Yellow Thermal 7 Gauge Glove

£1.64 inc VAT
£1.37 ex VAT

Thermal Grip Glove - Latex

3 colours available
£2.54 inc VAT
£2.12 ex VAT

Wintershield Glove

£3.72 inc VAT
£3.10 ex VAT

Orange HI VIZ Thermal 7 Gloves

£1.64 inc VAT
£1.37 ex VAT

Duo-Therm Glove

2 colours available
£2.76 inc VAT
£2.30 ex VAT

Pawa PG241 Gloves

£5.05 inc VAT
£4.21 ex VAT

Antarctica Insulatex Glove

£10.06 inc VAT
£8.38 ex VAT

Pawa PG540 Gloves

£8.02 inc VAT
£6.68 ex VAT

Thermal Liner

£2.63 inc VAT
£2.19 ex VAT

Cold Grip Glove

2 colours available
£3.59 inc VAT
£2.99 ex VAT

Thermal Soft Grip Glove

£2.54 inc VAT
£2.12 ex VAT

Thermo Pro Ultra

£5.64 inc VAT
£4.70 ex VAT

Pawa PG400 Gloves

£4.75 inc VAT
£3.96 ex VAT

Apacha Cold Store Glove

£22.15 inc VAT
£18.46 ex VAT

Weatherproof Hi - Vis Glove

£4.92 inc VAT
£4.10 ex VAT

Siberia Cold Store Glove

£17.02 inc VAT
£14.18 ex VAT

If you work outdoors, your hands will be your most-used body part as you handle machinery, tools or carry out any other handling tasks as part of your job. In roles including construction or highway maintenance, you’ll need to keep your hands fully protected from the damaging effects of working in cold, wet weather conditions. Thermal gloves are the best defence against the elements, and make up an essential part of your PPE kit particularly during the winter season. Thermal safety gloves are waterproof on the outside to prevent any moisture from seeping in. The thermal gloves also come with a fully insulated internal layer to keep the wearer warm throughout their day’s work. Quality PPE thermal gloves are also lined on the palm to protect against cuts.

One of our most popular thermal safety gloves is the Arctic Winter Glove with a 100% breathable seamless liner which is specifically designed for use in cold conditions. The twin liner traps in heat to keep you warm as your work. However, the soft nitrile foam dipping across the fingers provides added protection so that you’re able to grip machinery or tools carefully without the risk of dropping any dangerous equipment. Our thermal gloves are the best in the market as they provide you with excellent dexterity whilst keeping you guarded from the dangers of frostbite or other conditions associated with working in cold weather.

PPE Supplies Direct stocks a comprehensive range of thermal safety gloves to cover you against every eventuality in an outdoors working environment. We also provide fire retardant and cut resistant gloves too so that you have multilevel protection in your job. If you have any queries about our product range, stock levels or bulk order discounts, please get in touch with our customer service team today.