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Specialist Gloves

Anti Vibration Glove

£17.27 inc VAT
£14.39 ex VAT

Powertool Pro - High Performance Glove

£9.36 inc VAT
£7.80 ex VAT

Scruffs Trade Work Gloves

£21.18 inc VAT
£17.65 ex VAT

Pawa PG202 Gloves

£3.11 inc VAT
£2.59 ex VAT

Impacto Anti-Vibration Mechanics Air Gloves

£56.09 inc VAT
£46.74 ex VAT

General Utility High Performance Glove 1

£7.08 inc VAT
£5.90 ex VAT

Arc Grip Glove

£17.98 inc VAT
£14.98 ex VAT

Work Passion Plus Mechanics Gloves

£7.44 inc VAT
£6.20 ex VAT

Work Passion Tool Mechanics Glove

£9.48 inc VAT
£7.90 ex VAT

Pawa PG510 Gloves

£7.16 inc VAT
£5.97 ex VAT

Leather Mechanic Gloves

£6.74 inc VAT
£5.62 ex VAT

Tradesman High Performance Glove

£11.76 inc VAT
£9.80 ex VAT

Supergrip - High Performance Glove

£10.78 inc VAT
£8.98 ex VAT

Anti Vibration Gloves

£11.28 inc VAT
£9.40 ex VAT

Trade Precision Gloves

£21.18 inc VAT
£17.65 ex VAT

Trade Shock Impact Gloves

£25.75 inc VAT
£21.46 ex VAT

Trade Fingerless Gloves

£19.70 inc VAT
£16.42 ex VAT

Rough Gripper Mechanics Glove

£13.20 inc VAT
£11.00 ex VAT

Work Passion Impact Mechanics Gloves

£8.78 inc VAT
£7.32 ex VAT

Work Passion Mechanics Gloves

£6.27 inc VAT
£5.23 ex VAT

Oven Mitten

£3.95 inc VAT
£3.29 ex VAT

Super Vision Gloves

£15.79 inc VAT
£13.16 ex VAT

Comfort Grip - High Performance Glove

£11.39 inc VAT
£9.49 ex VAT

Oak Chainsaw Protective Glove (Class 0)

£16.43 inc VAT
£13.69 ex VAT

To comply with certain health and safety regulations, sometimes you need specialist gloves for use with heavy machinery. Suitable for a wide range of applications including both wet and dry use, our range of specialist gloves will suit all your construction needs. With anti-vibration gloves and super grip gloves, to chainsaw protective gloves and power tool gloves, we have an extensive range to choose from.

Many workers in many different trades are often exposed to injury risk when working with their hands. You need to make sure that you are fully protected as these jobs largely rely on your hands to do the job properly, so you don’t want to risk damaging or injuring them. You want gloves that will deliver on hand protection whilst still offering dexterity and movement. No matter what your glove requirements are, from handling abrasive material, protection from blades or enhanced grip, you are sure to find what you are looking for with our range of specialist gloves.

Designed and created with heavy duty protection in mind, all of our specialist gloves offer high levels of comfort when working. Our gloves offer high performance grip, as well as breathable materials for when you are wearing them for prolonged periods of time. Lightweight and durable, you will find that our specialist gloves offer the utmost protection for hands whilst working. They also offer safety cuffs for your wrists to make sure they are fully supported and protected.

If you are interested in our specialist gloves, please get in touch with our friendly team who are happy to help and offer any advice that is required.