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Protecting your feet at work is essential as any injury to them could cause you to need extensive time off work. By investing in safety shoes for the workplace, you’ll have 100% peace of mind that your feet are both shielded from harm and are comfortable too. 

Our range of safety shoes offer incredible protection for your feet whilst being snug and practical to wear in the workplace. With midsole and toecap guards which are anti-penetrable, you can be assured that nothing will cut through your shoe to reach your feet. Also, if you get caught in light rain or work in damp conditions, our waterproof safety shoes will ensure that no moisture will leak through to your skin. Keeping your feet dry in the workplace is essential if you want to prevent health conditions such as trench foot or even blisters from forming. With internal sweat wicking layers and breathable mesh, any additional moisture will be removed from your safety shoes leaving your feet comfortable and safe from harm. 

We offer a range of lace-up or pull on safety shoes so you can choose the style that suits your workers best. If you work in the vicinity of heat, then be assured that our safety shoes are designed to be heat-resistant and offer slip protection too. Workers in hazardous environments must be protected by the company policy of their employer and be provided with a quality pair of safety shoes as part of your personal protective equipment. PPE kit is required for you to carry out your duties without any risk to your wellbeing. This policy is a necessary part of Health and Safety regulations and it is always the obligation of the employer to provide safety shoes and similar PPE gear. Start protecting your feet today with our comprehensive range of safety shoes for men and women. 

Steelite Slip On Safety Shoe S2

2 colours available
£20.67 (VAT exempt)

ProMan PM4004 Austin Safety Shoe

£26.81 (VAT exempt)

Steelite Ladies Safety Shoe S1

£20.61 (VAT exempt)

Steelite Air Cushion Safety Shoe SB

£26.12 (VAT exempt)

Base Kuma Shoe

2 colours available
£40.86 (VAT exempt)

Aimont Cream S2 Slip-on Safety Shoe

£52.19 (VAT exempt)

Steelite Kumo Shoe S3

£16.45 (VAT exempt)

Steelite Laced Safety Shoe S2

2 colours available
£20.67 (VAT exempt)

Base Selfie Shoe

£63.08 (VAT exempt)

Food-X High Top

£20.80 (VAT exempt)

ProMan TC500 Brooklyn Brogue Safety Shoe

£30.16 (VAT exempt)

ProMan PM102 Omaha Chukka Safety Shoe

£12.98 (VAT exempt)

Occupational Slip On Shoe O2

£17.91 (VAT exempt)

Aimont Roboris S3 Metal Free Safety Shoe

£47.69 (VAT exempt)

Steelite Protector Shoe S1P

£13.43 (VAT exempt)

Base Twinkle Shoe

£59.91 (VAT exempt)

Base Garibaldi Boot

£34.32 (VAT exempt)

Base Opera Trainer

£31.30 (VAT exempt)

Base Wake Trainer

£47.94 (VAT exempt)

Base Termini Shoe

£32.20 (VAT exempt)

Base Cooking Slip On Shoe

£43.77 (VAT exempt)

Base Bob Slip On Shoe

£55.89 (VAT exempt)

Base Scuba Shoe

£54.85 (VAT exempt)

Base Soccer Trainer

£52.17 (VAT exempt)

Base Smash Shoe

£55.47 (VAT exempt)

Base Rafting Shoe

£54.33 (VAT exempt)

Base Diving Shoe

£57.58 (VAT exempt)

Base Rafting Top Boot

£57.37 (VAT exempt)

Base Pixel Top Boot

£53.84 (VAT exempt)

Base Pixel Shoe

£50.88 (VAT exempt)

Base Cosmos Shoe

£52.84 (VAT exempt)

Base i-Bit Shoe

£53.91 (VAT exempt)