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Hi-Vis Shorts

Hi vis shorts will keep you visible when working in dark or low light conditions. As a staple item as part of your personal protective equipment, your hi vis trousers should be worn alongside a hi vis vest, t shirt or jacket to ensure that you’re clearly visible by anyone in the vicinity. If you work in roles such as construction, the emergency services, industrial sectors or any other type of hazardous role, then it’s a health and safety requirement that you should be easily detectible in order to keep yourself, your co-workers and members of the public safe from harm. Hi vis shorts are armed with two loops of reflective tape around the bottom of each leg which will guarantee visibility. 

Our range of hi vis shorts are suitable for a variety of activities. Any excess moisture is quickly wicked away before it causes discomfort to the skin beneath.

To comply with EU standards in health and safety, our hi vis trousers are CE stamped to prove that they meet the necessary regulations. 

Keep your workers safe and visible when working in hazardous conditions by equipping them with a full wardrobe of PPE gear including these safe and stylish hi vis shorts. Place your order with our friendly customer service team today!

Pisa Mascot Safe Classic Shorts

2 colours available
£63.72 inc VAT
£53.10 ex VAT

Hi-Vis Poly-cotton Shorts

3 colours available
£22.78 inc VAT
£18.98 ex VAT

Result Safe-Guard Hi-Vis Cargo Shorts

2 colours available
£28.21 inc VAT
£23.51 ex VAT

PW3 Hi-Vis Shorts

2 colours available
£29.51 inc VAT
£24.59 ex VAT

PW3 Hi-Vis Holster Shorts

2 colours available
£33.46 inc VAT
£27.88 ex VAT