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Helmet & Hard Hat Accessories

JSP® Quick Release 4-Point Harness

£7.61 inc VAT
£6.34 ex VAT

Chin Strap 4 Endurance (Pack of 5)

£7.33 inc VAT
£6.11 ex VAT

Sweat Band Expertbase (Pack of 10)

£3.32 inc VAT
£2.77 ex VAT

Helmet Liner Cap

£6.82 inc VAT
£5.68 ex VAT

Chin Strap (Pack of 10)

£5.56 inc VAT
£4.63 ex VAT

Replacement Mesh Visor

£4.17 inc VAT
£3.48 ex VAT

Dual Power Head Light

£6.03 inc VAT
£5.03 ex VAT

Replacement Clear Visor

£3.91 inc VAT
£3.26 ex VAT

LED Head Light

£4.30 inc VAT
£3.58 ex VAT

Helmet Lanyard (Pack of 10)

£13.45 inc VAT
£11.21 ex VAT

JSP® SureFit Thermal Helmet Liner

£7.85 inc VAT
£6.54 ex VAT

JSP® Deluxe Chinstrap (10 Pack)

£36.21 inc VAT
£30.18 ex VAT

Helmet Torch Clip

£37.36 inc VAT
£31.13 ex VAT

Endurance HV Clip-On Ear Protector

2 colours available
£9.85 inc VAT
£8.21 ex VAT

LED Cap Light

£10.13 inc VAT
£8.44 ex VAT

Replacement Helmet Sweatband (Pack of 10)

£9.94 inc VAT
£8.28 ex VAT

Helmet Winter Liner

2 colours available
£8.09 inc VAT
£6.74 ex VAT

HV Extreme Ear Muff Helmet Mounted

£10.94 inc VAT
£9.12 ex VAT

360° Illuminating Helmet Band Light

£7.13 inc VAT
£5.94 ex VAT

Magnetic USB Rechargeable Helmet Light

£4.06 inc VAT
£3.38 ex VAT

Cooling Helmet Sweatband

£7.48 inc VAT
£6.23 ex VAT

Cooling Head Band

2 colours available
£6.64 inc VAT
£5.53 ex VAT

Cooling Multiway Scarf

£7.68 inc VAT
£6.40 ex VAT

300 Micron APET Helmet Screen

£1.63 inc VAT
£1.36 ex VAT

JSP® VisLite® EVO® Orange LED System

£20.02 inc VAT
£16.68 ex VAT

JSP® Sonis® C Ear Defenders - SNR 31 dB

£26.97 inc VAT
£22.48 ex VAT

JSP® Sonis® 3 Ear Defenders - SNR 36dB

£30.48 inc VAT
£25.40 ex VAT

USB Rechargeable Flood Light

£42.55 inc VAT
£35.46 ex VAT

Premium Clip-On Ear Protector

£11.11 inc VAT
£9.26 ex VAT

USB Rechargeable LED Head Light

£16.06 inc VAT
£13.38 ex VAT

Waterproof Headlight

£12.17 inc VAT
£10.14 ex VAT

Reflective Stickers Pack

2 colours available
£26.28 inc VAT
£21.90 ex VAT

When putting together your personal protective kit, you’ll want to prioritise shielding your head from the possibility of injury whilst working. Typical head injuries in the workplace are caused as a result of falling, or coming into collision with another object, such as if something is dropped on your head from a height. Hard hats and helmets are an absolute necessity when working in industries such as construction, but don’t forget to stock up on helmet accessories too, which will ensure that you have created a comprehensive selection of PPE gear to keep you fully protected against any eventuality in your hazardous work environment.

Helmet accessories include items such as chin straps, head lights, sweat bands, helmet lanyards and liners as well as replacement components for any of your hard hat or helmet features. Helmet accessories are designed to work alongside your head protection gear, enabling you to work at all times of day with the use of head lights, and even in cold weather with the use of a winter liner to be worn beneath your helmet or hard hat.

Our helmet accessories are priced affordably, starting from as low as £3.28 for a replacement shield plus visor which fits our PW96 and PW58 Portwest visors. All of our helmet accessories are CE certified, providing you with the peace of mind that our PPE gear meets the standards set by European regulations.

PPE Supplies Direct has a knowledgeable customer service team who are happy to answer your questions on product selection, with relation to which helmet accessories are the perfect accompaniment to our main head protection range. If you wish to ask a question or place an order, get in touch with our team today. We offer FREE delivery on orders over £99 as well as a generous 90-day refund and replace policy.