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Hard Caps & Bump Caps

Bump Cap

2 colours available
£5.68 (VAT exempt)

Hi-Vis Bump Cap

2 colours available
£9.16 (VAT exempt)

Vent Cool Bump Cap

4 colours available
£8.56 (VAT exempt)

Short Peak Bump Cap

2 colours available
£6.44 (VAT exempt)

Portwest Bump Cap

3 colours available
£7.01 (VAT exempt)

AirTech Bump Cap Micro Peak

2 colours available
£9.57 inc VAT
£7.98 ex VAT

Beechfield Enhanced-Viz EN812 Bump Cap

2 colours available
£11.76 (VAT exempt)

Yoko Hi-Vis Safety Bump Cap

3 colours available
£11.72 (VAT exempt)

Beechfield EN812 Bump Cap

2 colours available
£9.79 (VAT exempt)

AirTech Bump Cap

3 colours available
£9.94 (VAT exempt)

Hard caps, otherwise known as bump caps offer excellent protection from minor injuries and lacerations. They’re comfortable to wear but also shield the wearer from small collisions if they come into contact with a low ceiling, pipework or if a mechanic experiences a bump on the undercarriage of a vehicle. Hard caps are not to be used as a substitute for a full helmet which would provide you with maximum protection from falling objects, but they’re a fantastic compromise when you need an extra shield that is superior to the usual thin fabric of a cap. The removable layer of protection within your bump caps will keep you guarded, allowing you to concentrate on your job without worry of experiencing a minor injury.

PPE Supplies Direct offers a range of hard caps with a number of important features including maximised ventilation through a mesh fabric barrier. Reflective piping is also used to provide the wearer with excellent visibility. The buckle straps on our bump caps ensure that the headgear fits every type of wearer and can be adjusted to accommodate a person’s individual head size.

We also offer high visibility hard caps to ensure that your entire crew are easy to see as they carry out their work. The high visibility feature is an important component of any PPE gear and we provide bump caps with both short or long peaks depending on the nature of your work and any safety requirements you need to adhere to.

If you have any questions about our range of hard caps, then our experienced customer service team will be happy to help. We offer FREE delivery on orders over £99 as well as bulk order discounts on some products. Contact us today if you have a query or to place your order with us.