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Gloves/Hand Protection

We offer a wide range of work gloves. They cover many different applications where hand protection is required. Our selection includes traditional styles such as grip multipurpose gloves and thermal gloves. Furthermore specialised gloves for welding or driving are also available. Nitrile disposable gloves are available at a competitive price. They come in powdered or non-powdered options. Cut protection gloves come in a great selection of colours and styles. Impact gloves and cut protection sleeves are also available

Worker’s hands are the most vulnerable part of their bodies. Particularly as they are often actively put into high-risk situations. Therefore, work gloves are worn to cover and protect hands and wrists from potential hazards. Equally important in domestic, work site and commercial environment.

Learn more about the hand protection safety standards.

EnviroGlove Powder Free Blue Disposable Eco-Gloves (Box of 100)

£6.55 inc VAT
£5.46 ex VAT

Yellow Leather Lined Drivers Gloves

£4.37 inc VAT
£3.64 ex VAT

Blue Nitrile Gloves

£9.99 inc VAT
£8.33 ex VAT

Black Nitrile Coated Gloves 103BB

£0.57 inc VAT
£0.48 ex VAT

Arctic Winter Glove

2 colours available
£3.55 inc VAT
£2.96 ex VAT

Red Black Nitrile Coated Gloves 103RB

£0.57 inc VAT
£0.48 ex VAT

501EC Grey/Black Cut Level 5 Protection Gloves

£2.64 inc VAT
£2.20 ex VAT

Flex Grip Latex Glove

£0.87 inc VAT
£0.73 ex VAT

Aqua Blue Waterproof Gloves

£2.63 inc VAT
£2.19 ex VAT

PU Palm Glove

11 colours available
£0.63 inc VAT
£0.53 ex VAT

PVC Full Dip Knit Work Gloves

£0.96 inc VAT
£0.80 ex VAT

A400 PVC Knitwrist Glove

2 colours available
£1.29 inc VAT
£1.08 ex VAT

HI VIZ 10 Yellow Thermal 7 Gauge Glove

£1.56 inc VAT
£1.30 ex VAT

Black Polyurethane Coated Gloves 100BB

£0.57 inc VAT
£0.48 ex VAT

103 FLX Nitrile Foam Coating Glove

£1.54 inc VAT
£1.28 ex VAT

501D Grey Cut Level 5 Premium Protection Gloves

£2.91 inc VAT
£2.43 ex VAT

Latex Coated Grip & Grab Work Gloves

£0.57 inc VAT
£0.48 ex VAT

Powder Free Vinyl Disposable Glove

2 colours available
£8.19 £9.06 inc VAT
£6.83 £7.55 ex VAT

Flexo Grip Nitrile Glove

2 colours available
£0.76 inc VAT
£0.63 ex VAT

Classic Polka Dot Glove

£0.49 inc VAT
£0.41 ex VAT

Red - PU Gloves

£0.80 inc VAT
£0.67 ex VAT

Nite Star Glove Black (NDGBL)

£0.35 £1.10 inc VAT
£0.29 £0.92 ex VAT

Yellow Leather Unlined Drivers Gloves

£4.18 inc VAT
£3.48 ex VAT

Wintershield Glove

£3.07 inc VAT
£2.56 ex VAT

DG Combo Leather Lined Drivers Gloves

£4.18 inc VAT
£3.48 ex VAT

Antistatic PU Fingertip Glove

£0.88 inc VAT
£0.73 ex VAT

A300 Nitrile Knitwrist Glove

£1.50 inc VAT
£1.25 ex VAT

White/Grey Nitrile Coated Gloves 103WG

£0.57 inc VAT
£0.48 ex VAT

Thermal Grip Glove - Latex

3 colours available
£2.09 inc VAT
£1.74 ex VAT

PG-901 Disposable Nitrile Diamond Grip Gloves (Case of 10 boxes)

2 colours available
£260.70 inc VAT
£217.25 ex VAT

300 GB Cut Level 3 Protection Gloves

£3.02 inc VAT
£2.52 ex VAT

Classic Grip Glove - Latex

3 colours available
£0.76 inc VAT
£0.63 ex VAT