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General PPE Accessories

Wet Floor Warning Sign

£5.54 inc VAT
£4.62 ex VAT

Chin Strap 4 Endurance (Pack of 5)

£8.33 inc VAT
£6.94 ex VAT

Sweat Band Expertbase (Pack of 10)

£3.78 inc VAT
£3.15 ex VAT

Replacement Mesh Visor

£4.75 inc VAT
£3.96 ex VAT

Helmet Liner Cap

£7.75 inc VAT
£6.46 ex VAT

LED Head Light

£4.89 inc VAT
£4.08 ex VAT

Support Belt

£11.85 inc VAT
£9.88 ex VAT

Endurance HV Clip-On Ear Protector

2 colours available
£11.21 inc VAT
£9.34 ex VAT

Chin Strap (Pack of 10)

£6.32 inc VAT
£5.27 ex VAT

Dual Power Head Light

£6.86 inc VAT
£5.72 ex VAT

Replacement Beanie Head Light

£4.00 inc VAT
£3.33 ex VAT

Ear Plug Dispenser

£72.09 inc VAT
£60.08 ex VAT

Helmet Lanyard (Pack of 10)

£15.30 inc VAT
£12.75 ex VAT

Bitrex™ Fit Test Solution - 2 x Bottles

£26.50 inc VAT
£22.08 ex VAT

Replacement Clear Visor

£4.45 inc VAT
£3.71 ex VAT

Magnetic USB Rechargeable Helmet Light

£4.62 inc VAT
£3.85 ex VAT

Metal Free Glove Clip (Pack of 40)

2 colours available
£96.27 inc VAT
£80.23 ex VAT

LED Cap Light

£11.52 inc VAT
£9.60 ex VAT

Cooling Helmet Sweatband

£8.51 inc VAT
£7.09 ex VAT

Moldex Fit Testing Kit

£258.59 inc VAT
£215.49 ex VAT

Tactical Torch

£14.18 inc VAT
£11.82 ex VAT

Illuminated Flashing Armband

£2.98 inc VAT
£2.48 ex VAT

7 LED Rubber Torch

£5.43 inc VAT
£4.53 ex VAT

Attachable Magnetic LED

£5.09 inc VAT
£4.24 ex VAT

USB Rechargeable Light Clip

£4.32 inc VAT
£3.60 ex VAT

100N Buoyancy Vest

£51.10 inc VAT
£42.58 ex VAT

Endurance Clip-On Ear Protector

£10.19 inc VAT
£8.49 ex VAT

Helmet Winter Liner

2 colours available
£9.20 inc VAT
£7.67 ex VAT

Helmet Visor Holder

£5.64 inc VAT
£4.70 ex VAT

Helmet Torch Clip

£42.50 inc VAT
£35.42 ex VAT

Cooling Multiway Scarf

£8.74 inc VAT
£7.28 ex VAT

First Aid Lanyard Pack of 20

£89.33 inc VAT
£74.44 ex VAT

PPE, or personal protective equipment, is an essential part of health and safety in all workplaces. Your safety is our greatest concern, and you need to make sure that you are full prepared and protected whatever the job. Not only does PPE reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, but it is also part of health and safety legislation. These are in place to ensure that personal safety in the workplace is top of the priority list, and to make sure that potential hazards that can cause serious harm and injury are identified and then protected against.

Ensuring that all parts of the body are fully covered and protected is a duty that needs to be carried out by every employer – including headgear, eye protection, hand protection, foot protection and ear protection. Safeguarding against potential risks is vital to ensure safe working conditions and our general PPE accessories play a crucial role in preventing and reducing occupational injuries and sometimes even fatalities.

Our range of general PPE accessories can help to make sure that you are safe and complying with health and safety laws. We have everything from torches and headlights, signs, ear defenders and aprons to make sure that you are fully protected. Our general PPE accessories can cater for all your requirements to make sure that you and your employees feel safe and comfortable whilst working.

If you are interested in our general PPE accessories, please get in touch with our friendly team who are happy to help and offer any advice that is required.