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Flame Retardant Workwear

Coveralls are designed to protect you from head to toe from dirt, dust and potential hazards whilst working. They can be used by people in all sorts of industries including construction, road workers, engineers, mechanics and factory workers. If you are working around flames or sparks, then it is essential that you wear flame resistant coveralls to make sure that nothing can reach skin on your arms or legs. If employees are working where there is potential hazards or injury from heat or flames, then you need to make sure that everyone is full protected and save. By choosing flame resistant coveralls, you can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and serious injuries.

Our range of flame resistant coveralls are designed to ensure that you or your employees are comfortable as well as safe whilst working, even for prolonged periods of time. Featuring a wide range of additional features such as elasticated waists, plenty of pockets, radio loops, and knee pads to make sure that you have everything you need whilst working whilst providing maximum protection. We also offer hi vis and anti-static materials for those working outdoors or in poor light conditions, as well as insulated winter fire resistant coveralls for those working outside during the colder seasons – you are sure to find the right level of protection whatever the job. 

If you are interested in our flame resistant coveralls, please get in touch with our friendly team who are happy to help and offer any advice that is required.

Purchase Flame Retardant Workwear and Enhance Your Safety

Your safety as you work determines your level of productivity. When you feel like you have a suitable level of security and safety, you can work more comfortably. One of the best ways to protect yourself in high temperature roles (or any roles which involve being in close proximity to open flames) is to wear top-quality Flame Resistant Workwear.

At PPE Supplies Direct, you find a huge range of branded fire-resistant workwear which offers great protection against fire-related incidents.

What Is the Most Commonly Used Fire Resistant Material?

As you purchase Fire Retardant Workwear, you should know that they have different levels of resistivity depending on the material that is used to make them. What are the fabrics that are used for these items?

  • Aramids

When it comes to heat resistance, you can count on Aramids. The material also resists abrasion and tension. An extremely supportive material.

  • Coated nylon

The material resists heat as it has a high melting point. Moreover, it doesn’t shrink. Therefore, it makes for great Fire-Resistant Workwear.

  • Fire-resistant cotton

An item that is made up of 100% cotton is not heat resistant. However, a treated version of cotton can be. For instance, it can be combined with a material like nylon to turn regular cotton workwear into Flame Retardant Workwear.

Is Flame Resistant Fabric Safe?

As you should know, your safety is an important aspect of your daily working life, regardless of role or responsibilities. When your role requires you to wear Flame Resistant Workwear to protect yourself, you should abide by the workplace’s suggestion. The fabrics in flame resistant workwear are safer for those who work in environments with fire hazards. You need to wear these materials to stay safe in such working environments.

How To Choose the Best Flame-Resistant Workwear?

Many companies sell Fire Retardant Workwear. However, you can’t trust all of the companies that you come across. You need to assess the item carefully before you purchase it. What are the most important considerations in this case?

  • Quality of the material

You should choose fabrics that are appropriate for your specific workplace. Ensure that the Fire Resistant Workwear is durable. Moreover, it should be breathable and comfortable for you.

  • Design

As you purchase these items, you will have design specifications and preferences to consider. For instance, you may want the Flame Retardant Workwear to have pockets in specific areas. Ensure that what you buy meets the specifications and preferences that you are looking for.

  • Cost

Consider the cost of the Flame Resistant Workwear. Purchase something that you can afford. One thing to ensure is that as you consider the price, you don’t compromise on quality.

Why Choose PPE Supplies Direct for Flame Resistance Clothing?

We have offered Fire Retardant Workwear to thousands of customers over several years now. Customers always appreciate our products’ quality because we are a company that takes pride in high quality and customer service.

Why Choose Us for These Important Products?

  • Top-quality items

You can be assured of the high quality of our Fire Resistant Workwear. They look great and they’re capable of standing the test of time.

  • Affordable prices

We also offer Personalised work wear at competitive prices.

Bizweld FR Coverall

7 colours available
£36.59 inc VAT
£30.49 ex VAT

Flame Resistant Light Weight Anti-Static Coverall 280g

6 colours available
£63.15 inc VAT
£52.63 ex VAT

Bizweld Hooded Coverall

£44.95 inc VAT
£37.46 ex VAT

Hi-Vis Anti-Static Bizflame Pro Coverall

£87.75 inc VAT
£73.13 ex VAT

Flame Resistant Anti-Static Coverall 350g

7 colours available
£63.72 inc VAT
£53.10 ex VAT

Flame Resistant Super Light Weight Anti-Static Coverall 210g

7 colours available
£59.88 inc VAT
£49.90 ex VAT

Wildland Fire Coverall

£107.72 inc VAT
£89.77 ex VAT

Bizweld FR Coverall (CLEARANCE)

£27.50 £36.59 inc VAT
£22.92 £30.49 ex VAT

Weld-Tex® Plus FR Antistatic Coverall 350

3 colours available
£49.69 inc VAT
£41.41 ex VAT

Weld-Tex® FR Standard Coverall

3 colours available
£38.76 inc VAT
£32.30 ex VAT

Aberdeen FR Coverall

4 colours available
£63.72 inc VAT
£53.10 ex VAT

Bizweld Iona FR Coverall

6 colours available
£45.98 inc VAT
£38.32 ex VAT

FR Anti-Static Winter Coverall

4 colours available
£129.78 inc VAT
£108.15 ex VAT

CE Safe-Welder Coverall

4 colours available
£35.56 inc VAT
£29.63 ex VAT

Multi-Norm Coverall

£71.23 inc VAT
£59.36 ex VAT

Padded Anti-Static Coverall

2 colours available
£123.88 inc VAT
£103.23 ex VAT

Modaflame RIS Orange Coverall

£164.70 inc VAT
£137.25 ex VAT

Hi-Vis Modaflame Coverall

£124.32 inc VAT
£103.60 ex VAT

Modaflame Coverall

2 colours available
£99.52 inc VAT
£82.93 ex VAT

Modaflame RIS Navy/Orange Coverall

£140.67 inc VAT
£117.23 ex VAT

Bizflame Ultra Coverall

5 colours available
£71.79 inc VAT
£59.83 ex VAT

Bizflame Pro Coverall

£51.62 inc VAT
£43.02 ex VAT

Bizflame Rain Hi-Vis Multi Coverall

2 colours available
£160.74 inc VAT
£133.95 ex VAT

Bizflame Plus Ladies Coverall 350g

2 colours available
£66.62 inc VAT
£55.52 ex VAT

Hi-Vis Multi-Norm Coverall

£136.26 inc VAT
£113.55 ex VAT

Bizflame Services Coverall

£91.87 inc VAT
£76.56 ex VAT

Araflame Silver Coverall

5 colours available
£124.79 inc VAT
£103.99 ex VAT

Araflame Hi-Vis Multi Coverall

£170.41 inc VAT
£142.01 ex VAT

Araflame Gold Coverall

2 colours available
£117.29 inc VAT
£97.74 ex VAT

Araflame Coverall

£164.23 inc VAT
£136.86 ex VAT