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Flame Resistant/ Welding Clothing

Leather Welding Apron

£17.20 inc VAT
£14.33 ex VAT

Leather Welding Sleeves

£11.21 inc VAT
£9.34 ex VAT

Welding Apron Supertouch

£12.39 inc VAT
£10.33 ex VAT

Leather Welding Boot Cover

£14.39 inc VAT
£11.99 ex VAT

Leather Welding Jacket

£61.33 inc VAT
£51.11 ex VAT

Flame Resistant Anti-Static Balaclava

2 colours available
£18.63 inc VAT
£15.53 ex VAT

Leather Hood

£15.30 inc VAT
£12.75 ex VAT

FR Anti-Static Balaclava Hood

£18.73 inc VAT
£15.61 ex VAT

Bizweld Sleeves

£7.75 inc VAT
£6.46 ex VAT

PULSAR Protal FR Neck Tube

£14.40 inc VAT
£12.00 ex VAT

PULSAR Protal FR Balaclava

2 colours available
£14.76 inc VAT
£12.30 ex VAT


£22.37 inc VAT
£18.64 ex VAT


£57.58 inc VAT
£47.98 ex VAT

UPF50 Neck Cape - Hi-Vis Orange

£12.49 inc VAT
£10.41 ex VAT

FR Hood

£9.71 inc VAT
£8.09 ex VAT

FR ID Holder

£24.26 inc VAT
£20.22 ex VAT

Leather Sleeves

£9.98 inc VAT
£8.32 ex VAT

Leather Overshoes (Case of 20)

£211.98 inc VAT
£176.65 ex VAT

FR Mask (Pk25)

£62.99 inc VAT
£52.49 ex VAT

FR Anti-Static Balaclava

£19.29 inc VAT
£16.08 ex VAT

Bizweld Cape Hood

£10.61 inc VAT
£8.84 ex VAT

Flame Resistant Anti-Static Neck Tube

2 colours available
£16.05 inc VAT
£13.38 ex VAT

Flame resistant clothing is clothing that has a fire protection rating of at least 150 degrees Celsius. This rating is determined by the amount of time it would take for the material to ignite when exposed to a source of ignition. Flame resistant clothing is designed to be worn in environments where there is a high risk of exposure to flames, such as kitchens and chemical laboratories.

Flame resistant clothing standards Flame-resistant clothing is a great way to protect your employees from the dangers of fire. But what do you need to know about these standards? We've got the answers!

When it comes to PPE, having coveralls and trousers sometimes simply isn’t enough. There will be certain jobs or environments when you will need to be equipped with different fire resistant accessories, particularly when welding. Not using these fire resistant accessories can put yourself and other members of your team at risk of serious injury. Wearing non- safety compliant accessories can pose a potentially serious hazard when working with heat sources, flames, sparks or metal splashes.

Ensuring that all parts of the body are covered and protected is a duty that needs to be carried out by every employer and it helps to safeguard against potential fire risks is vital to ensure employee safety. Fire resistant accessories play a crucial role in preventing and reducing serious accidents, injuries and even fatalities.

Our range of fire resistant accessories, including welding accessories, provides maximum safety as well as comfort when working in these environments. We offer welding aprons, sleeves, jackets and boot covers to make sure that you are fully protected from head to toe. We also supply a full range of fire resistant masks, balaclavas and hoods. Made from high quality, premium materials, our fire resistant accessories have been designed to be comfortable when using for prolonged periods of time. They are also CE certified to make sure that you are compliant as well as safe when working.

Our fire resistant accessories are to be used with other fire resistant PPE to ensure maximum protection, and there should be a full health and safety risk assessment completed prior to purchase.

If you are interested in our flame resistant accessories, please get in touch with our friendly team who are happy to help and offer any advice that you may require.