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FFP2 Masks




      Disposable face covering KN95/FFP2 Pack of 20

      £13.03 inc VAT
      £10.86 ex VAT

      Disposable face covering KN95/FFP2 Pack of 5

      £4.91 inc VAT
      £4.09 ex VAT

      FFP2 Valved Fold Flat Respirator (Pack of 20)

      £21.84 inc VAT
      £18.20 ex VAT

      FFP2 Valved Respirator (Pack of 10)

      £11.77 inc VAT
      £9.81 ex VAT

      FFP2 Respirator (Pack of 20)

      £16.85 inc VAT
      £14.04 ex VAT

      FFP2 Carbon Valved Dolomite Respirator (Pack of 10)

      £13.85 inc VAT
      £11.54 ex VAT

      FFP2 Valved Dolomite Respirator (Pack of 10)

      £11.77 inc VAT
      £9.81 ex VAT

      EAGLE FFP2 Valved Dolomite Fold Respirator (Pack of 10)

      £16.41 inc VAT
      £13.68 ex VAT

      Springfit™ 421ML FFP2 - Box of 10

      £16.36 inc VAT
      £13.63 ex VAT

      FFP2 Carbon Valved Respirator (Pack of 10)

      £17.62 inc VAT
      £14.68 ex VAT

      Springfit™ 425ML FFP2 With Typhoon™ Valve - Box of 10

      £24.32 inc VAT
      £20.27 ex VAT

      EAGLE FFP2 Dolomite Fold Flat Respirator

      £29.65 inc VAT
      £24.71 ex VAT

      ERGONET FFP2 Valved Dolomite Respirator (Pack of 10)

      £26.26 inc VAT
      £21.88 ex VAT

      FFP2 Valved - Blister Pack (Pack of 3)

      £5.25 inc VAT
      £4.38 ex VAT

      FFP2 Fold Flat Respirator (Pack of 20)

      £39.46 inc VAT
      £32.88 ex VAT

      We have good UK stock of FFP2 masks for bulk orders please contact our UK sales team during office hours on 0808 109 6099 or order online.

      Face masks are synonymous with the the current outbreak, and are now compulsory garments when using public transport or visiting hospitals in England.  The World Health Organisation has recently updated its guidance to recommend that anyone over the age of 60, or those with underlying health conditions, should use medical-grade face masks in enclosed work environments too. By covering the nose and mouth, you’re effectively providing ‘a barrier for potentially infectious droplets’ which is essential in locations where physical distancing is impossible. The same guidance applies to anyone who is caring for someone with the symptoms, however mild they may be. 

      Who Can Benefit From Wearing FFP2 Masks? 

      Anyone who wants to stay protected from airborne contaminants, can benefit from wearing FFP2 face masks. Bulk deals mean that they’re often bought in large quantities for the work environment, but they’re also essential PPE kit for individuals too. Key workers who come into contact with patients and members of the public will certainly benefit from wearing FFP2 masks in their daily tasks. However, individuals can also choose this strong level of protection every time they leave their home too, whether travelling, picking up supplies or visiting a public place. 

      Wearing FFP2 Face Masks in Industry 

      Before this outbreak was at the forefront of our minds, FFP2 masks served another purpose as a critical piece of PPE kit within industry. For those who work in environments where there is a lot of airborne contamination, from chemicals, fumes, dust or toxins, FFP2 face masks will help to protect your respiratory system. When you wear a medical grade mask in a contaminated space, you’re significantly reducing the chance of developing respiratory problems including coughs and wheezing or even some fatal conditions. The FFP2 face masks we have in stock are able to filter out 95% of airborne particles, which will safeguard your health. 

      Are FFP2 masks the same as N95 masks?

      When shopping for FFP2 masks, you’ll want to know that you’re getting the right level of protection to match your needs. Some of the terminology can be confusing when you’re looking at medical grade masks which is where this guide should come in useful. FFP2 refers to Filtering Face Piece respirators with a Grade 2 level of protection. This is the European standard that we use, but it is equivalent to N95 respirator masks in the US. Each have achieved the regulations for their specific countries, but there’s little difference between them in terms of their effectiveness and the fact that they filter out 95% of airborne particles, including those related to the outbreak. Some other masks you may come across include P2 in Australia, DS in Japan and KMOEL in Korea. 

      Comparing the different FFP codes 

      As described, FFP2 is the second grade of filtering face piece available for respirator masks. There are three grades available, depending on the level of protection that you require in either your work or daily life. 

      FFP1 face masks are the lowest grade of protection, offering aerosol filtration of approximately 80% with leakage inside the mask of around 22%. If you work in an environment where there are low volumes of contamination or debris, then FFP1 might be sufficient, but there are higher levels of protection available to protect you.

      FFP2 face masks, which PPE Supplies currently has a good UK stock of, provide 95% protection against contaminated airborne particles including those associated with contaminants. Caregivers and healthcare workers who are not carrying out aerosol generating procedures will benefit significantly by wearing FFP2 masks. 

      FFP3 face masks are the highest level of protection and are most suited to frontline workers including dentists who carry out aerosol-generating procedures. PPE Supplies Direct currently has good stock levels of FFP3 masks too for bulk orders – please contact 0808 599 0769 for more details. 

      Fit Testing Your FFP2 Face Masks 

      Whichever level of face masks you opt for, you should always ensure that they fit properly so as to offer the maximum amount of filtration protection available to you. Wearers need to check that their respirator offers a tight fit which will act as a barrier against contaminated air leaking behind the mask. If you have facial hair, then it is advised that you shave this before wearing PPE equipment as it helps to provide a tighter seal around the nose and mouth areas. Remember that this can help to protect others that you come into contact with too. In a working environment, particularly in healthcare settings, your mask should be fit by a competent tester who is certified by the British Safety Industry Federation. However, if you need to self-fit your mask due to social distancing regulations, then simply check that you have a tight seal around your face before use. 

      Should You Use FFP2 Face Masks With Other PPE Equipment? 

      Our FFP2 face masks may be worn as a single garment, but they can also easily be combined with other PPE kit including face shields, as well as gowns, aprons and gloves. This is an approach that is favoured amongst healthcare and clinical teams as well as social care providers and even teachers to maximise the level of protection available to vulnerable people. 

      Depending on your role, or if you’re using FFP2 for your personal protection, you may be satisfied by the 95% filtration offered by the mask itself. However, if your employer has carried out a risk assessment, or if you wish to increase your protection level when you’re out and about, then combining your mask with a face shield is a popular choice. 

      Best Prices For FFP2 Masks 

      PPE Supplies currently have a good volume of FFP2 face masks in stock. We’re able to offer best prices from as low as £175 per 50 masks – that’s the equivalent of just £3.50 per mask. Our bulk deals ensure that you can kit out your entire team or household in FFP2 masks and keep them protected as the pandemic continues. We’re able to provide a 24-hour dispatch on selected items. If you have any questions about our quality PPE  protection equipment, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team. Contact us today for FREE on 0808 109 6099. 

      We have good UK stock of FFP2 masks so order now.