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ESD Gloves

Antistatic PU Fingertip Glove

£1.06 inc VAT
£0.88 ex VAT

Vending Antistatic PU Fingertip Glove

£1.14 inc VAT
£0.95 ex VAT

Antistatic PU Palm Glove

£1.20 inc VAT
£1.00 ex VAT

Antistatic Glove PVC Dot Palm (500 pairs)

£133.19 inc VAT
£110.99 ex VAT

Antistatic Glove Standard Palm (500 pairs)

£262.72 inc VAT
£218.93 ex VAT

Antistatic Glove PU Palm (500 pairs)

£232.07 inc VAT
£193.39 ex VAT

Vending Antistatic PU Palm Glove

£1.32 inc VAT
£1.10 ex VAT

Antistatic Shell

£0.81 inc VAT
£0.68 ex VAT

ESD gloves, or electrostatic discharge gloves, are designed for use with sensitive electronic equipment. It is essential to prevent electrostatic discharge so that you don’t damage any electronic components. They also provide protection against dirt, grease, dust and particle contamination in production environments, and when used with electronic assembly they are worn to keep oils from the skin off circuit boards. Sensitive electronic equipment can provide a damaging discharge if touched, even when you are properly grounded. The best way to prevent this is to wear anti-static, ESD safety gloves.

In order to comply with health and safety regulations, our ESD gloves help protect both the wearer and the equipment by continuously and safely discharging the electrostatic build up. Most labs, cleanroom, biotech and electronic works require employees to wear ESD gloves, but you can also use them when working on gas lines. You need to be sure which gloves are right for you, as there are many different materials available, and some materials can be dangerous when working with certain chemicals.

Our ESD gloves are made from static dissipative material and have a non-slip grip surface on the fingers and palm to improve grip for delicate jobs. They are comfortable to wear due to their excellent fit and provide excellent dexterity. The breathable material means that you can wear them for prolonged periods of time without getting hand fatigue.

If you have any questions or are looking for advice about our range of ESD gloves, or you wish to place an order with us, please get in touch with our team today.