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ESD Certified Shoes & Boots

ESD certified boots are an important safety strategy when you work with electricity. Electrostatic discharge footwear is conductive and offers a way to send electrical charges to the ground which eliminates the possibility of a sudden shock, charge or spark that would otherwise have the potential to cause an explosion. ESD certified boots have a low electrical resistance between 0.1 and 100 MegaOhms, preventing the build-up of static electricity in the body and directing the current away from you and into the ground in a controlled manner. Our ESD certified boots and safety footwear undergo rigorous testing to ensure that the range can withstand electrical hazards in the workplace.

ESD certified boots can form part of your PPE gear which must be supplied by your employer following a complex risk assessment detailing the specific hazards of your job and work environment. Where electricity is found to be a risk of your role, you can opt for ESD certified boots amongst other safety footwear including electrical hazard boots and non-metallic shoes to ensure that you remain 100% protected in the workplace. You might also opt to use footbeds as a further layer of protection as these are anti-static also.

ESD certified boots and shoes are available in UK sizes up to 13 and are priced from just £30.96 for a single pair although bulk order discounts apply if you need to kit out your entire workforce with our electricity safety footwear. PPE Supplies Direct offers a number of ESD certified boots and shoes depending on the level of contact you expect to have with the hazards of electricity and the standards of compliance you’re required to meet within your industry. If you have any questions about our product range or wish to place an order, please get in touch with our customer service team today!

Portwest Compositelite ESD Tees Trainer S1P

£41.94 (VAT exempt)

Aimont 24Bit Erik ESD S1P Safety Trainer

£72.37 (VAT exempt)

BOA Fit F0453 Mascot High S3 Safety Boot

£169.50 (VAT exempt)

BOA Fit F0452 Mascot S3 Safety Boot

£155.96 (VAT exempt)

Bimberi Peak Mascot S3 Safety Boot

£88.30 (VAT exempt)

Rock Fall RF110 Luna ESD Boa Safety Trainer

£79.49 (VAT exempt)

Rock Fall RF009 Mercury ESD Safety Trainer

£56.16 (VAT exempt)

Rock Fall VX700 Pearl Navy Womens Fit ESD Safety Trainer

£44.93 (VAT exempt)

Rock Fall RF120 TeslaDRI ESD Safety Boot

£61.78 (VAT exempt)

Rock Fall RF008 FaraDRI ESD Safety Trainer

£61.78 (VAT exempt)

ProMan TC500 Brooklyn Brogue Safety Shoe

£31.10 (VAT exempt)

Steelite ESD Ebro Safety Sandal S1 Class 3

£21.38 (VAT exempt)

Portwest Compositelite Retroglo Hi-Vis Boot S3 WR ESD

2 colours available
£67.38 (VAT exempt)

Portwest Compositelite ESD Perforated Safety Clog SB AE

2 colours available
£22.65 (VAT exempt)

Portwest Compositelite ESD Tagus Sandal S1P

£34.06 (VAT exempt)

Result Work-Guard Blackwatch S3 SRC Safety Boots

£46.52 (VAT exempt)

Portwest Compositelite ESD Laced Safety Shoe S2

£24.01 (VAT exempt)

Portwest Compositelite ESD Leather Safety Shoe S1

£25.43 (VAT exempt)

Portwest Compositelite Traction 7 inch (18cm) Safety Boot S3 HRO CI WR

£81.79 (VAT exempt)

Portwest Compositelite Traction 10 inch (25cm) Safety Boot S3 HRO CI WR

£88.31 (VAT exempt)