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Children’s Hi Vis Clothing

Children’s safety is of the utmost important, both whilst at school and during home hours as well. Our children’s hi vis jackets mean that they can be seen effectively wherever they are – whether that be walking to school to stand out to cars and traffic, on school trips, on a bike ride or simply in a large group of children to make sure that they don’t get lost or hurt. Ideal for any outdoor activities, our range of children’s hi vis clothing enhances visibility in all sorts of lighting and weather conditions to make sure that they stand out. 

It is well proven that hi vis clothing stands out, both in the daylight thanks to the fluorescent colours and at night-time due to the reflective strips that glow when light is shined on them keeping them visible to anything that could be harmful. Make sure that your children can be easily seen and spotted when out and about by having them all in children’s hi vis vests or jackets.

Our range of children’s hi vis vests, tabards and jackets all come with reflective bands, easy tear fastenings down the front and can be ordered in multiple colours, including yellow, orange, pink, green and blue, so you have the option of different classes or age groups being easily identifiable by having different colours.

You also have the option of personalising your children’s hi vis with your school’s name and logo to make you stand out from the crowd. If you would like to place an order, or have any questions, then please get in touch with our friendly team today for help and advice.

Result Safe-Guard Kids Hi-Vis Vest

£4.10 (VAT exempt)

Result Core Kids Hi-Vis Safety Vest

2 colours available
£2.90 (VAT exempt)

Yoko Kids Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket

£30.23 (VAT exempt)

NEONSTARS EN 1150 Children's Waistcoat

4 colours available
£3.07 inc VAT
£2.56 ex VAT

Hi Vis Junior Bomber Jackets

£21.77 inc VAT
£18.14 ex VAT

Yoko Kids Hi-Vis Two Band and Braces Waistcoat

2 colours available
£3.13 (VAT exempt)

Yoko Kids Hi-Vis Two Band Waistcoat

4 colours available
£3.02 (VAT exempt)

Warrior Kids Hi-Vis Two Tone Hooded Waistcoat

£5.87 (VAT exempt)

Result Safe-Guard Kids Hi-Vis Tabard

£5.69 (VAT exempt)

Pro RTX High Visibility Kids Waistcoat

6 colours available
£3.75 (VAT exempt)

Hi Vis Junior Vest

£2.37 inc VAT
£1.98 ex VAT