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Chemical Resistant Gloves

PVC Full Dip Knit Work Gloves

£1.06 inc VAT
£0.88 ex VAT

Red PVC Long Arm Heavy Duty Gauntlet

£1.75 inc VAT
£1.46 ex VAT

Chemicals are a necessary part of many industries operations and protecting your hands from these harmful chemicals is very important. For those who have to handle potentially dangerous substances, wearing the correct chemical resistant gloves means you can protect yourself from serious injuries. Exposure to such chemicals can lead to burns, or even dissolving flesh and passing into the bloodstream and reaching vital organs. For some chemicals, it is not always immediately noticeable that chemicals have come into contact with the skin, and they may not be aware of the damage it is causing. This is why it is important to always protect yourself fully before handling these substances.

Whether you are working in a lab, medical environment, agriculture or industrial cleaning it is important that you have the right chemical resistant gloves. Identifying what chemical you are protecting yourself from is the first step. Chemical resistant gloves are made with a lot of different strengths and blends so it is important that you are choosing the right level of protection before purchasing.

Chemical resistant gloves are often designed with longer wrist lengths to avoid any damage from splashes to exposed skin on the arms. They also offer enhanced grip features as most hazardous chemicals are liquid based to avoid spills and dropped containers, allowing you to maximise the safe handling of these products. Our gloves offer full protection as well as being lightweight in design to allow you maximum comfort when wearing for a prolonged length of time. Available in rubber, nitrate and PVC coatings, chemical resistant gloves are categorised with EN374 regulation to allow the handling of harmful chemicals.

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