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ProMan PM104 Chicago Rigger Safety Boot

£34.25 (VAT exempt)

Neptune Rigger Boot S5 CI

2 colours available
£20.22 (VAT exempt)

Steelite Welted Safety Boot SBP HRO

£29.45 (VAT exempt)

Rock Fall RF951 Ruby Womens Fit Chelsea Safety Boot

£68.00 (VAT exempt)

Steelite Slip On Safety Boot S2

2 colours available
£24.37 (VAT exempt)

Steelite Protector Boot S1P

£15.30 (VAT exempt)

Rock Fall RF160 Ohm Electrical Hazard Boa Safety Boot

£79.33 (VAT exempt)

Steelite Fur Lined Protector Boot S3 CI

£26.94 (VAT exempt)

ProMan PM4002 Jackson Safety Boot

£30.22 (VAT exempt)

Steelite Welted Safety Boot SB HRO

2 colours available
£40.94 (VAT exempt)

ProMan PM4020 Hartford Safety Boot

£32.09 (VAT exempt)

Rock Fall RF910 Surge Waterproof Electrical Hazard Safety Boot

£66.09 (VAT exempt)

Rock Fall RF610 Honeystone Waterproof Boa Safety Boot

£113.30 (VAT exempt)

Rock Fall RF001 Alaska Freezer Safety Boot

£87.81 (VAT exempt)

Steelite Safety Boot S1

£15.30 (VAT exempt)

XLP30 Steel Toe Cap S3 Honey Safety Boot

£38.75 (VAT exempt)

Rock Fall RF710 Magma High Leg Internal Metatarsal Waterproof Boa Safety Boot

£141.61 (VAT exempt)

Steelite Albus Laced Boot S2

£23.14 (VAT exempt)

Rock Fall RF4500 Titanium Waterproof Safety Boot with Side Zip

£88.29 (VAT exempt)

Steelite Metatarsal Boot S3 HRO M

£29.03 (VAT exempt)

Steelite Dealer Boot S1P

2 colours available
£27.37 (VAT exempt)

Rock Fall RF120 TeslaDRI ESD Safety Boot

£67.51 (VAT exempt)

Rock Fall RF15 Shale High Leg Safety Boot with Side Zip

£60.42 (VAT exempt)

Steelite Monsal Safety Boot S3 WR CI HRO SRC Black

£55.56 (VAT exempt)

Rock Fall RF205 Herd Waterproof Safety Boot

£66.09 (VAT exempt)

ProMan TC310 Oregon Chelsea Safety Boot

£35.88 (VAT exempt)

Portwest Compositelite Safety Boot S1

£20.73 (VAT exempt)

Portwest Compositelite Welders Boot S3 HRO

£28.60 (VAT exempt)

Aimont Sherpa S3 Lined Rigger Boot

£86.31 (VAT exempt)

Rock Fall RF611 Dolomite Waterproof Boa Safety Boot

£113.30 (VAT exempt)

Steelite Welted Plus Safety Boot SBP HRO

£44.36 (VAT exempt)

Rock Fall RF115 Bantam Lightweight Safety Boot

£51.93 (VAT exempt)

Waterproof Safety Boots

Waterproof boots are the best way to keep your feet safe in any kind of weather. Whether you're hiking through the wilderness or just going for a walk around the block, these boots are sure to keep your feet dry, warm and comfortable.

What Are Safety Boots Used For

Safety boots are used for a variety of purposes and can be worn at work or on the go. Safety boots are designed to protect your feet from injuries, such as blisters or cuts, which could lead to infection. Safety boots also protect your feet from slipping and falling on slippery surfaces.

What Are The Best Waterproof Safety Boots

There are many different styles of safety boots, but the most common are waterproof. You will want to make sure that your safety boot is waterproof and has a good grip so that you can walk confidently in it. If you have any questions about what type of safety boot would work best for you, feel free to contact one of our staff members at PPE!

Safety Boots UK

Safety boots are a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their feet safe and warm. From the factory to the field, safety boots are made with comfort in mind. Whether you're working on your farm or on construction sites, we have the right boot for you!

Safety boots are vital for keeping your feet protected if you work in construction, as a manual labourer or as a rigger for example. Your feet need to stay in good shape to allow you to do your job, but they’re at risk from cold weather if you work outdoors, or from the threat of injury if something heavy is to fall on them. 

Mens safety boots provide full protection for your feet, ensuring that they’re kept both warm, and shielded from the risk of a dropped object. Our safety boots UK collection includes a comprehensive stock of footwear including waterproof safety boots which repel water to help protect the delicate tissue of your feet from developing an unpleasant condition called trench foot. 

Our rigger boots can also be pulled off quickly if you’re to fall into deep water. We also offer safety boots and shoes that protect the movement of your ankles, so that they’re not at risk of injury by being twisted when on the job. If you work outside as a manual labourer for a long period of time, then you’ll need to wear safety boots that provide freezer safety. Our range of mens safety boots include designs which keep you safe up to -40 degrees Celsius. 

If you work in construction, we stock footwear which is ideal for scaffolders who risk dropping heavy raw materials onto the fragile bones and tendons in their feet. Our steel toe-capped safety boots ensure that your feet are protected at all times but are comfortable to wear too. 

It is always the responsibility of the employer to meet health and safety regulations by providing workers with quality safety boots to allow them to perform their job without worrying about their personal safety. Check out our affordable safety boots UK range today.