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Will Hi-Vis Trousers Keep You Safe?

by Reports Yell on February 03, 2022

Specific workwear such as hi vis jacket and hi vis work trousers are necessary for certain occupations in order to ensure the safety of workers. Hi-vis clothing is especially common in the construction industry, as well as among those working in traffic control, airports, and waste collection.

Hi-vis clothing offers a number of benefits, one of which is safety. Here are a few things you need to know about how hi-visibility workwear improves safety at work.

Will Hi-Vis Trousers Keep You Safe?

PPE Requirements and Regulations

Hi-vis clothing must be manufactured to a recognised standard in order to be suitable for workwear uses. Make sure your hi-vis workwear is in line with British and/or European standards before using it.

It is also a requirement for employers to provide PPE for employees who are exposed to health and safety risks at work, unless adequate control measures have already been put in place.

Making Workplaces Safe By Improving Visibility

Hi vis polo shirts can prevent workplace accidents and injuries by making sure that workers can be seen by others. This is especially important in roles with considerable health and safety hazards, such as gas and electrical engineers, those in the transport industry, construction workers, emergency services, and warehouse operatives.

The key to maximising safety using hi-vis workwear is to choose clothing that will provide the most contrast between workers’ bodies and their immediate surroundings. This hugely increases the chances of other people seeing them and being able to avoid putting them at risk. It can also be extremely beneficial when working in conditions with poor visibility due to it being dark or due to adverse weather.

Put Safety First With Hi-Vis Coats and Trousers from PPE Supplies Direct

Put Safety First With Hi-Vis Coats and Trousers from PPE Supplies Direct

Are you in need of hi-vis clothing or other PPE for your workplace? PPE Supplies Direct has everything you need to keep yourself and others safe. From respirators and reflective accessories to safety signs and hi-visibility equipment, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch for more information.