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Why Safety First? Why You Should Wear Hi-Vis Tops When Working Outdoors

by Katerina Grigorenko on November 26, 2022

Hi-vis tops are all the rage at the moment. I mean, look at your local park on any weekend and all you'll see are joggers, dog walkers and even cyclists in some hi-vis tops. But why? Is it just a fad? Well no - hi-vis tops are actually here to stay!

Hi-Vis Clothing Are Designed To Keep You Safe

Hi-vis clothing is a great way to make yourself more visible when working outdoors, especially if you're on the road. It's also a legal requirement in many countries, so it's important to understand why this type of clothing can be so useful and how it differs from regular gear.

In simple terms, hi-vis items let everyone around you know that they're looking at someone who needs their attention. It might seem like common sense but there are many reasons why people choose not to wear hi-vis gear every day; some of these include:

  • They don't think they need any extra protection or visibility

  • They don't want other drivers thinking they’re taking advantage of roadworks (even though it’s only for a few minutes)

  • They just don’t want to stand out from their coworkers with bright colours and designs

Why Safety First? Why You Should Wear Hi-Vis Tops When Working Outdoors

Hi-Vis Tops Are Bright, Reflective And Clearly Visible In Poor Weather Conditions

Hi vis jackets are bright, reflective and clearly visible in poor weather conditions. They’re designed to make you more visible to other road users on the roads, footpaths and cycleways so that you can be better seen in poor visibility conditions.

Being seen is the best way to avoid being hit by a vehicle, so it’s important for your safety to wear high-visibility workwear when working outdoors. This means wearing a hi vis polo shirts with suitable reflective material at all times during daylight hours (between sunrise and sunset). If you work outside after dark then fluorescent clothing should also be worn - even if there is no legal requirement for this.

Hi-Vis Can Save Lives

Hi-vis hoodie are a legal requirement in many countries. The reason behind this is that they make you more visible to other road users at night and in poor weather conditions. This can help save lives and keep you safe on the roads.

If you’re working outdoors, it’s important for other drivers to be able to see you as soon as possible so that they don’t hit or crash into any equipment or vehicles that might be around you. Wearing high visibility clothing will also allow people passing by to spot any potential dangers before they occur, such as faulty wiring or poorly placed signs.

Hi-Vis Tops Are Bright, Reflective And Clearly Visible In Poor Weather Conditions

It's Law!

Hi-vis tops are a must when working outdoors. It’s law! That’s right, as of 2013, if you work outside of your home, whether or not you’re self-employed or working for someone else, you are required by law to wear a hi-vis top in order to be seen clearly from the road and other vehicles. This is particularly important when working at night time and during poor weather conditions (such as fog).

Hi-vis tops should be bright and reflective; ideally they will have both properties combined into one garment so that you can stay safe at all times. Some employers may require workers to wear fluorescent jackets/vests with reflective stripes on them but this isn't always necessary depending on where you live and where your workplace is located within that area.

It's important that workers understand why they need to wear these garments too because it could save their life! If an employee doesn't know what 'high visibility' means then how will they know how important it is?

It’s true that orange hi vis trousers are a legal requirement in many countries around the world. In some places, it's actually mandatory to wear them on site if you're working outside, but even if you're not legally required to do so, it's still worth wearing one anyway. It can help keep you safe and protected from injury when working outdoors in poor weather conditions or changing light conditions (like during dusk).

Hi-Vis Clothing Are Designed To Keep You Safe

People often think of safety gear as something only people working at height need, but this is far from true! Any type of work will benefit from using PPE (personal protective equipment) in some form—whether that means wearing a helmet while building a house, wearing goggles when operating heavy machinery or wearing high visibility clothing while doing manual labor like yard work or painting fences.