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Why You Should Brand Your Workwear

by jane Holland on November 25, 2019

Personal protective equipment and workwear is vital in industries where employees need to be visible and easily identifiable to members of the public, as well as contractors operating on the same site project. PPE gear increases the safety of everyone in the vicinity and ensures that workers adhere to a strict code of conduct. But alongside health and safety regulations, PPE workwear also offers another opportunity for companies in the form of brand marketing. By choosing to brand your PPE workwear, your company can benefit in numerous ways. 

Spreading Brand Awareness

You could be missing a trick if you miss out on customising your company PPE gear. By branding your workforce clothing with your company name and logo, this provides a professional image when your employees come into contact with the public. When people see that your staff are doing their jobs well, this will enhance your business reputation. Your workwear acts as a uniform, which enables potential or existing customers to identify your company with ease. Such a corporate identity helps people to build up an image about your brand and assists in the creation of trust and loyalty with your firm. As wearing personal safety clothing is often a mandatory requirement of the role, your workers will be seen wearing their branded uniform throughout their entire work shift to gain maximum exposure for your company. 


Industries that are required to wear personal protective equipment are also expected to follow strict regulations such as wearing a hard hat. These might be mandatory in the construction or traffic management sectors for example. Wearing branded workwear ensures that your staff remain visible and are easy to distinguish from other teams of contractors. On a construction site where you might have multiple teams of builders, electricians or scaffolders all working alongside each other, it’s important that the site manager is able to quickly locate personnel related to their specific task on the project. Contractors wearing branded workwear are also more likely to follow best practices on-site when they know that they’re on display as a brand ambassador for your company. 

Pride And Productivity 

Wearing branded uniforms in a work setting gives your employees a sense that they belong as part of the team. By simply getting dressed in their personalised hi-vis clothing or branded thermal workwear every day, this will put your staff in a positive frame of mind before they begin their shift. Such a mindset can also help to give your workers pride and enhance productivity, ensuring that you get the most out of your employees. 

A Consistent Brand Message 

Of course, one of the first rules of branding is to ensure that you’re spreading a consistent message across all marketing platforms. So, when designing branded PPE workwear such as a hi-vis hoodie or customised bomber jacket, it’s important that you think carefully about how your logo and fonts will fit on the surface of the material. It’s best to make an impact by following the ‘less is more’ motto. Keep it simple by choosing to include your company name and logo rather than overcomplicating the visuals with social media info or your company slogan, as there may not be room for this to make an effective statement. In terms of the colouring, it may be necessary for you to choose hi-vis clothing to satisfy safety regulations. If fluorescent shades don’t belong in your usual company palette, you can still present a somewhat consistent image by selecting your branded logo and the same font choice that is printed across other marketing materials. 

Choosing Your Personalised Branded Workwear 

Investing in quality branded PPE gear requires you to choose a reputable supplier with proven experience in this sector. Our workwear is affordable but also represents value for money as our branded clothing is built to last. We offer a number of different personalisation options for your printed workwear, depending on its purpose. You can choose from:

  • Embroidered workwear – this is a versatile and durable design which won’t wash off in the laundry. You can use a wide range of colours with this technique, and it can be applied to a variety of materials. 
  • Screen printing – this technique supports more complex graphics and can use bold colours. It’s a popular choice when placing large orders that require the same design. 
  • DTG or Direct to Garment – this works best on garments that are 100% cotton, with 50% as the absolute minimum. The fibres of your clothing fully absorb the ink for your logo or branded company name. 
  • Digital Vinyl – this is a perfect choice if your designs have a clear and defined shape. One of the major benefits of using digital vinyl on your customised PPE garments is that you can wash them again and again without risk of fading. 
  • Single Colour Vinyl – this is similar to digital vinyl, but the technique is restricted to a palette of generic shades and should only be used with one colour. 

Now you know a little more about our PPE customisation options, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re ready to place an order of if you have any queries at all about the processes involved in creating branded workwear. Contact us today!