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What You Should Know About Hi-Vis Bomber Jackets

by eBusiness UK Ltd on August 09, 2021

Working in an environment such as a construction site involves multiple risks. For instance, the moving machinery can accidentally knock you in a case where the operator doesn’t see you. If you work as a parking attendant, it is also easy for vehicles to knock you if you work in an area with poor visibility. Therefore, you need appropriate attire for such work environments.

You can’t ignore the weather if you work in outdoor environments either. For example, it is difficult to work in rainy weather, when you are not wearing waterproof gear. The moisture is enough to make you feel uncomfortable and it’s just generally quite depressing, we’ve all been there! Moreover, cold leaves you susceptible to colds, the flu and even hypothermia. It goes without saying that it is important to protect yourself from these things.

What You Should Know About Hi-Vis Bomber Jackets

A Hi Vis Jacket is a piece of workwear that helps to offer convenience as you operate outdoors. The high-visibility feature is to help people to see you when you are in poorly lit areas. It also has an insulation lining to keep you warm when you are working in a cold environment (i.e. The UK, year round!). The waterproof designs ensure the person wearing it is dry when working in weather conditions like rain, sleet and snow.

What Is the Origin of the Bomber Jacket?

The jackets were first used by the pilots in the Navy during the First World War. During this period, the cockpits were open to the harsh weather. The cold and windy conditions made it hard for the pilots to work comfortably. They needed warmer attire to protect them from the elements. It is for this reason that it is common to hear people calling these clothing items flight jackets.

With time, the designs of these jackets have changed, as you would expect. Not many items of clothing stand the test of time without at least minor adjustments being made in order to keep up with the technology of the time. Hi Vis Bomber Jackets are common with workers on construction sites and other high-risk working environments. They are also quite popular for cyclists, who need to stay warm in the elements, but also need to ensure they are seen by other road users.

What are the specific types of bomber jackets that are available? Here are a few that you should know:

  • The casual jacket

Do you need a casual outfit that is stylish and helps you to stay warm? If so, this is the type of bomber jacket you need. This jacket is available in many colours, in store.

  • Sporty bomber

The jacket gives you a sporty look. It is designed with spacious chest pockets and stylish hoods. The jacket keeps you warm and stylish.

  • Printed bomber

You can also purchase a personalised Hi Vis Bomber Jacket. Such attire helps in marketing your brand. You print the name of your business, the logo, and the contact details on the item. That way, potential clients find it easy to reach you.

  • A formal bomber

You may also want to achieve that professional look. In this case, you should purchase this type of bomber. Its clean finish leaves you looking perfect and suave. You choose the colour that suits you when purchasing this item.

What Is the Origin of the Bomber Jacket?

How Do the High-visibility Bomber Jackets Work?

The Hi Vis Bomber Jackets display fluorescent colours. It is these colours that react with the ultraviolet rays from the sun (as well as the moon, and other forms of light, if you work at night). As a result, the jackets produce a glowing appearance that people can see even in poorly lit areas.

The effectiveness of the hi vis hoodie is dependent upon the colours. Lifeboat crews require orange jackets. It is because the colour is easy to identify in the densely dark blue scenes they work in.

How Is the High-Visibility Material Made?

The hi vis polo shirts should have reflective properties. That way, it is easy to see a person wearing them. They have micro-prismatic and glass bead reflective tapes to improve the visibility of the wearer. The tapes are made from prisms which help in bouncing the rays of light back to the source.

How Should You Choose the Best Hi Vis Bomber Jacket?

Many bomber jackets are available in the market today. If you are purchasing these items for the first time, you may not know how to select the right one, and choosing the items in a hurry is never a good idea. What are the factors that should guide you as you purchase a high-visibility bomber jacket?

The Specific Risks You Face Outdoors

Outdoor working environments are not the same as indoor factory work environments. The risks that one person faces may not be the same as those of another individual. The Hi Vis Jacket models are available in different classes depending on the risks the wearers face:

  • Class 3

The jackets in this category offer the highest level of visibility. They are worn by people who work in high-risk work environments. Examples of workers who should wear jackets in this class include those who offer road assistance, towing operators, and road construction workers among others. Let’s face it, nobody wants the job of putting the first cone on the motorway! But this class of hi vis jacket should keep you visible and safe.

  • Class 2

The jackets in this category offer a moderate level of visibility. They are worn by those who face medium level risks outdoors. The workers who can wear them include parking attendants, railway workers, and survey crews.

  • Class 1

If you are in an environment where you face low risks, this is the best high-visibility attire for you. They offer the lowest level of visibility when compared to the clothing in the other classes. The jackets in this class are popular with warehouse operators.

How Should You Choose the Best Hi Vis Bomber Jacket?

Assess the Breathability of the Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket is supposed to keep you warm and dry as you carry on with your outdoor activities. You also need to be comfortable as you work. Breathability is an aspect of comfort that you shouldn’t ignore as you purchase your jacket. You need a clothing item that keeps you warm whilst ensuring sweat doesn’t accumulate. Ask yourself this, what’s the point in buying a jacket to protect you from getting wet, if that jacket is going to cause you to sweat? Both outcomes leave you uncomfortable and cold.

Assess the fabrics of the jacket before you purchase it. Breathable fabrics allow a free circulation of air when you wear the outfit. If the weather within your area is mild, Hi Vis Lightweight Waterproof Jackets may be a great addition to your work attire.

Purchase a Durable Jacket

Many bomber jacket brands are around today. Unfortunately, some may not provide the protection to withstand the environmental conditions you work in. For example, they could show signs of damage after you wear them for a few days. Such eventualities leave you feeling like you’ve wasted your money. We care about the quality of our products and we are proud to say that our thousands of customers have had nothing but good things to say about our products.

Ensure that the materials used to make the bomber jacket are strong and durable. That way, it can help you during your outdoor activities. Besides, if you purchase the Hi Vis Lightweight Waterproof Jacket, then it shouldn’t fade after a few days. Instead, it should last a fair few years, if looked after responsibly.

Design of the Jacket

The jackets are available in different designs. You should choose something that suits your work environment. Select one with a sizeable hood if you need to wear a hard hat. The pockets should also be big enough for you to carry your valuables as you work.

Ensure the Jacket Fits You

The size of the jacket matters. When it fits, it is more effective in keeping you dry and warm. Moreover, a good size leaves you looking stylish and ready for your activities. Therefore, you should choose Hi Vis Waterproof Jackets (lightweight or not) that suit you depending on your body size and shape.

Go for a Reasonably-priced Bomber Jacket

The prices of the jackets vary from one seller to another. You should never compromise on quality as you invest in your next jacket. For that reason, you’ve come to the right place. Our bomber jackets are stylish, they can endure extreme weather environments and they are designed not to hinder your mobility. The visibility is excellent and the prices are very competitive! Buy now and improve your work life with our hi vis bomber jacket.